Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Listening to: Anggun - Snow on the Sahara
Feeling: Sleepy

Jesus *or God but you know what I mean... once said, 'Ask and ya you u thou shall receive' and I'm gonna do just that!

So with my birthday nearly almost a month away, it's time to make a birthday gift registry to make sure you guys are gonna save enough (though I always welcome cash contribution) for my wonderful birthday gift! Uhmm... don't tell me what it is! I want to keep it a surprise!

1. A (or a few) nice tattoo(s) - You don't get to dictate what's on it or where it's on. I'm so sure that some of you guys out there would die to tattoo 'Fucker' on my forehead.

2. A nice Mika Nakashima CD - I so absolutely adore her!!!

3. A year's subscription to the gym - I'd be up in the gym just working on my fitness!!! I want I want I want but so broke!!!

4. A new handphone... - OK just let me dream ok? Can?

5. Chanel Chance - The green one!!!!! With Jasmine... I so loves...

6. The cutest Coach bag - Just this one, just this one!!!

7. Pay off my credit card bills - That is just absolutely suicidal!

OK, might be pushing it from no.3 onwards but.. sigh



Amy said...

did u juz say something? *roll eyes*

wei, a patch of pink tattoo counts? no design, juz a random patch of pink, hahhahaha...

i'll keep those items in mind.

Pinkity said...

I did, I did, I did say something!!!

I don't want a pink tattoo leh! I want like some kickass tribal shit or another pair or wings or something... hahahahaha


ManN said...

u dam soh... i duwanna continue d letters.

LOL..dream on...i burn for u la..i download all the mika nakashima's song.. den i burn into a cd.YEAHHHHHHHHHH... den lyrics oso got!! wan? ;)

daniel said...

you sleep earlier... then you get those items earlier in your dreams... WA KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA...

Pinkity said...

Evil people you all... But I still love you!

Amy said...

another pair of wings is too much I think... tribal would b good. okay lar, wait till aunty kena lottery lar, I let u tattoo ur whole body...!

Pinkity said...

oGAy OgaY~ I shall pray that Amy kena lottery 99!!!

wahahha I want one on my neck and another on my wrist... So the cool dane!

ManN said...

on ur neck!?!!? mom and dad's gonna chop off ur neck.

omg..wrist!??! like xiaxue..eew..damn lame man