Friday, April 13, 2007

School Daze

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Well, if my high school life was a musical, mine would be a freaking 11 year long orchestra performance. BORING.

Apart from my wonderful dear friend NickyBoy, who provides most of the drama in my school daze in forms of acne, me crying on his shoulder, me trying (but failing) to cheat in exams, skipping PE lessons and me smuggling comics into school, there was nothing much to harp about.

Of course there is Carebarebear Joe, AhLan and MissTan and our sporadic fall outs and such but that's another story. (I still love them all the same!!!)

So it was after high school that things started looking up. (social life as in going out-wise) Mom allowed me to stay out later than 7pm. (I WAS A NERD I KNOW! THE ELDEST ALWAYS GET IT THE HARDEST!) and I started going out for yamcha and got hooked on to my first addiction; Counter Strike. I used to go for Cyber Cafe outings nearly everyday at one point... That stopped after we got robbed in the cyber-cafe one day... Minus that last bit, it was one of the best years of my life.

So when Andrew called us up that day to ask the CS gang out for dinner, and I swear to God I've not seen him for the longest time (think years...) and the only logical question to shoot him with was

"ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?" *his phone call woke me up, what? It was after all a Saturday!*

But it was not cause of that... He apparently wanted to have a reunion and also to have dinner at Nigel's new restaurant at Sunway Damansara, QuiZin. It's really good BTW... Try their trademark Tofu... YUM!

So we went, we saw, we remembered those good old days...

Me & Ah Lan
Me and AhLan, sweetie pie, confidant and fellow cute things collector!

Lay Geng & William; our source of accounts homework, manga drawings and the occasional naughty films which I swear to God I don't watch at that time)

Kay, the pendatang haram to our class, Andrew the yellow man (cuz he works with Digi) and his other half, Dragonfly... I swear that's her name in Chinese

Jin and Xandria
Arihito trying to act cute with Xandria, his other half.

Spot the endangered animal! Moo and Nigel trying to relive their love in class

It was great catching up. Made me feel really old that day. It had been 7 long years since we wore our *ugly* turquoise pinafores and duck droppings green pants. 7 years was such a long time back then.

Reminiscing now, I know I didn't get to do what I originally wanted to do back then and I wonder if the rest felt the same.

We didn't stay there long enough for me to ask that and I hope that chance to catch up again will come sometime really soon.

High school now seem so long ago...

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