Monday, April 16, 2007

Drama's Big All Day

Listening to: Ashlee Simpson - Just let me cry
Feeling: Bloated!

I've been lazy I know!!! I have more than a dozen of pictures I so need to upload and post but... Sigh, I'm just uber lazy and I have no excuses. Anywayz, this I really HAVE to put up...

Our dear Drama celebrated his 18th *ahem* birthday and we went to this funky Moroccan karaoke joint. Really comfy!! It had beds and loads of cushions *and which he took one of them home.. It's like his birthday present from the joint!* It was really cool, the whole place. Only downside is that it's kinda warm and it had a really bad selection of songs...

I think we did ALL the Spice Girls songs they had, TWICE! So without any further ado, we present to you our hasil-hasil cam-whoring...

Bday Boy
Birthday BOY!

Spice Girls
Everyone doing it like Spice Girls

Shake it!
Shaking it like mad

Ketiak saya cantik Anak Ayam,
Miss Ayam, who likes taking piccies but don't like her piccies being taken

Me and cam horing gang
Doing what we do best... Cam-Hoing!!!

Wished we took more piccies tho... Drama got drunk and we did a Bryanboy ! His picture got posted up... hahah I can't find the link, and am too lazy to so if you're interested in Drama doing his THANG... click on that and check it out yourself!

Me should be getting some sleep now! Till tomorrow....

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