Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Things that I do to amuse myself...

Listening to: Rain falling down
Feeling: Tired as hell

Spent the whole of Monday and Tuesday trying to fix some fuckups I did at work in the past week and in the process, only had 8 hours of sleep; two days combined. Will try to get some sleep tonight. Nice that it's raining so I can at least save some energy by not using the a/c.

*Rocky music comes on*

deng deng deng!!!!!

I finished Cake Mania.

Should I say, 'Piece of cake!'

Stupid Diner Dash won't allow me to go past the last round of the second chapter.

Piece of shit!!!!

Off to sleep!


amylmeiwei said...

damn, I'm damn addicted 2 tat cake mania game liau... but 60 mins trial not enuff, gotta find the damn crack file now!

Pinkity said...

WAHAHAHAHAH! Another one bites the dust!!! OMG~ I tell you it's the best thing invented since sliced bread and air conditioning!

amylmeiwei said...

FINISHED yesterday! damn nice! I think Cake Mania is a much better game than Diner Dash lor