Thursday, March 15, 2007

Undo that 'Change'

Listening to: Nomiya Maki loves M-Flo - Big Bang Romance
Feeling: A toothache

This was me after receiving a frantic MSN message from Nic who had read the 'Change' post...


Me: Uh... what change? *it was a work day god damnit!*

And this is me receiving about 12 comments on that 3 liner filler post...

Me: What the... I must do more posts like that! More comments! More comments~! *laughs gleefully*

And this is me getting messages from Joethecarebear, Clementthelemon, Amywiththebaby, Kaythedunnowho and Dramathequeen trying to wheedle the secret out from me...

All of the above: Eh, are you alright? Tell me la... Seriously, if you need to tell someone, tell me la... Really wan!! Are you alright? *which all kinda translated to, eh I AM REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT WTF YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT*

Me: Uh... Seriously, it's nothing big la. I'm serious... *after a thousand times that* Gak... I really need to straighten this out!!!!!!

So here I am straightening things out... I'm alright. Thank you very much for everyone's concern I really do appreciate it.

No I am not dating anyone

No I am not turning lesbian

No I am not changing jobs

No I am not gonna kill myself

No I have not made any new resolutions...

Pink is gonna stay the way she had been for the past few years.

Maybe the only change that I had made was of my shoes.

Yeap... Maybe that's the change. I am so turning into a shoe-ho and it'll all be the Crocs fault. Bloody hell.

P/S: I am so in love with Heroes right now I am so thinking about it everytime I am at work cause Hiro Nakamura's got the cutest facial expression OMG why am I not Japanese?

P/S/S: I am so like over punctuation marks cause that's like so yesterday so do not expect me to put anymore fullstops to my posts. Kidding!

*Shouts from one end of cyberspace* I'm all right guys!!!!!


daniel said...

see, you're actually not that famous.
and DOH i already guessed it kan.

amylmeiwei said...

juz tat? awww... how dissappointing, hhahahaha

Pinkity said...

So sad kan? That's all to me... sigh.. I wish I had some sort of a secret life or something.. LOL