Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weirdness in words

Listening to: Mika Nakashima - 一色
Feeling: Bored outta my little mind

Totally inspired by Drama and his recent post felt like doing this as well... So here goes..

I always have to shower after coming back from somewhere. Doesn't matter if I am just popping by down the local 7E or a short yamcha; I need to shower. Just need to! Maybe it was a habit picked from my childhood where my mom insists! Now I just think I am wasting water.

I am a picky eater. Contrary to my size, there are many types of food that I just can't stand eating. Example, fish. Just one day I decided I don't like fish, unless they come uncooked or between buns. Weird... I just stopped eating seafood as well. Except for calamari. And I just abruptly stopped eating durians. It's so weird. Many more I cut off my food list. If I go on, this post will last forever.

I love my face. I really do... Seriously do. I get so much products for my face like cosmetics, masks, cleansers, creams and my recently acquired La Mer cream is like my lifeline now. I love my face to death. Can't say the same for the rest of my body.

I hate branded fashion items. I love cheap cheap shit that I use until its dirty death in my overflowing dusbin. I still love my Crocs no matter what you guys say!!! Sticks and stone might break my bones but my Crocs will never leave me!!!!

Like Drama, I have the freaking attention span of a freaking goldfish. I also have the memory of a floppy disc *not alot* therefore my planner is my love of my life. I can walk over to the Xerox machine for something and end up coming back to my desk with something completely different. I also like a thousand and one things and have that thousand and one things all crammed in my room, collecting dust. Not proud of it but I'll live...

I always think that I was reincarnated into the wrong body and country. I should have been a Japanese but there was some computer glitch in that big system up there and I ended up in Malaysia where I sweat like a fucking pig and is forever constrained to this... Sigh Big guy up there... hear me out. I wanna be a Japanese in my next life. Thanks..

Thanks Drama, inspire me somemore!!!


sKYdive said...

so desu ka? me too.. big guy, hear us out!

daniel said...

choy! i was going to tag you wan... ahhh but you did it even without me doing so... LOL...

ManN said...

HAHA lumewa is supposed to b a jap? den where am i supposed 2 b?

people say i look like mix guai lou? so am i supposed to be in a guai lou country?!


Pinkity said...

Hahaha.. everyone should be a Japanese in their next lives!!!!!

Drama - Sorry I didn't wait. Faster tag me la next time!

MAN - LUMEWA is not japanese la... You don't look abit like a guai low... hhahahaah

ManN said...

well u dun think so but other ppl do!