Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just to let you guys know I am still alive...

Listening to: All American Rejects - It ends tonight
Feeling: Toothless

The only exciting thing that happened to me this few days is the fact that I had my first teeth scaling experience.

I would say it's pretty... bergegar.

My previously yellowy whites are now restored to its rightful colour. Downside is... Got an extraction as well. Bloody wisdom tooth... It's so effing annoying that it pops out and fucks up the other tenants... (my teeth la!)

I'll close this wonderful entry with a little poem...

Bangun pagi, gosok gigi,
Cuci muka, pakai baju
Makan roti, minum susu,
Pergi sekolah, suka hati

1 comment:

ManN said...

=_= its dam pain right?
when the stupid dentist clean ur teeth wif dat darn sharp thing...den he poke the gap between ur a and b teeth is dam effing pain rite?!?!?!!?!??