Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Musings

Listening to: Winter Sonata - My Memory
Feeling: The Valentine Icks

Though I had been bitching about Valentine's Day the whole day today, I guess for those new in relationships or those romantic at hearts live for today.

While I was driving back today *decided to leave for home early as I don't want to be in the office all glum and shit* I saw a few cute sights...

A little Mini Copper with a balloon heart floating inside... Makes me wonder how it feels like to receive one of those.

A girl talking excitedly into the phone... Maybe she's happily calling her other half to see if he's on the way back from work for their dinner. Made me wonder how it really feels like to be in that same scenario.

A lady waiting for the bus typing frantically into her phone looking worried. Maybe she had missed the previous bus and she's now late for her date. Would I be frantic as well if I'm in that same situation?

And in the office, it was a busy day for the flower deliverers and for the receptionist... Flowers and gifts had been pouring in since yesterday. Shrieks and yells were heard throughout the office whenever someone receives a bouquet or teddy. Our office was abuzz with lovey dovey glows... Someone's friend is proposing to his girlfriend today. Ohhs and Ahhs were heard throughout the office. I bet everyone wants a romantic moment like that.

Rumors of who sent who flowers went around like Chinese Whispers, it was electric.

All I could do was wonder and bitch. Man... I feel like the Bitch who stole Valentine's.

A colleague got flowers from a secret admirer. We all gasp in unison... Call the florist, we insisted... No, my colleague says. I won't! Guess when the secret is out, it's like when the clock hits 12 for Cinderella. Who knows, she might had sent it to herself... We don't know. I personally don't care... Some people deal with peer pressure differently.

I wondered what I would do if I've got flowers from a secret admirer. Would I call the florist? Would I try to uncover the secret? Maybe not... a well meaning friend could have sent it. I rather be eluded than to know...

So far I went shopping with three friends who wanted to buy gifts for their other halves. Not a pleasant experience if you used to like *or still do, I really don't know* this person. I am officially the 'Friend.' It's a bane I swear to you, I rather be something else...

Officially got 2 invitations for dinner for the night. All made by my attached friends... They mean well I know but it just felt too weird. Maybe not, I rejected. Another one wanted to bring me shoe shopping... Why? Nah... leave that for another day.

Got back home and mom said something about sis getting both her and dad gifts. A gingerbread heart... How sweet. Mom broke half the heart from Dad's portion for me. I guess she felt sad for me too. All 25 years and not 1 Valentine's with someone? I said no. I don't need that sympathy. I just want to sleep abit and worry about my work. Not that I love work or something like that...

Maybe next year I'll be one of those love sick happy couples who don't mind paying a bundle for gifts and dinner. I don't know and I won't say. Life is great now, with a few hiccups.

Night time falls and Sarah McLachlan's I Love You comes on iTunes. Sap, but I like it.

Romance; so overrated but only until you've experienced it yourself...


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u shud try the cookie. it tastes nice.

Lrong said...

Pink... how is life today? would appreciate if you can email me at

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*huggies & kissies*

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omg you are the one who's nerd! like HELO? i look like mom!! not u!!