Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another same old, same old...

Listening to: Shakira – Illegal
Feeling: Sleepy

No updates because nothing much is actually happening…

Things that might be of interest:

1. Gg leaving on Friday morning… Anyone wants to send her off?

2. Tried checking my bank balance for scraps of my January pay + bonus… The official balance is still RM6.94 after checking it 183, 462 time today.

3. Nifty shoes, RM69.90. Cute dress with low neckline, RM59.90. Being complimented over BCBGs and Armanis. Flattering… Only moi knowing that it’s THAT effing cheap… Priceless

4. Karaoke with a big bunch of people if fun… But just don’t expect you’ll be able to sing ALL your fave songs.

5. Chinese New Year is round the corner… Time to steel myself up for a barrage of ‘Wah Ah Girl grow edy ar, but grow sideways more la. Where la boyfriend/When getting married.” (G, you’re a lucky bitch)

6. I’m a popular Sanguine according to some book G bought. And when I looked it up in Wikipedia… I am associated with bile or something… Ekk…

Till I have something else to write about...

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