Saturday, September 09, 2006

The trouble with trust is...

Listening to: Copa Cabana (WTF) from G's computer
Feeling: Why am I here with G in her office at this time of the morning?

While waiting for Nana to load on YouTube, I've decided to blog somemore...

Inspired by the episode that I am watching at the moment, this post is gonna be about trust in friendship.

There are many things that had happened recently that made me re-evaluate my views on friendship. Remember those autograph books that we once had where everyone wrote 'Best Friends Forever"? Up till a few years ago, I actually believed it. (though there were a few who wrote "Best FIENDS Forever" LOL!)

A few turn of events that made me think otherwise is the fact that people do change. I have been blogging about Fun and Jay for a few month and I think for those who had been reading this should know that I have a few problems with them. (Ohhh.. I am starting to get bitchy here) It's going to take too long to write everything down here but I'll just cut the crap and skim the surface.

I knew Fun through work; to come to think of it we weren't even close in the first place. We meet at the smoking bench outside the office once in a while and we don't talk much. But one day as I was on the way back from KL, she called me and asked if I was free to have dinner. I was surprised that she asked because we don't even talk in the office. Heck, now I'm wondering how she got my cell number. *makes mental note to ask her the next time I see her* I was free so I decided, alright why not and we met up.

During dinner, she was telling me that she had recently broke off with her boyfriend of 3 years and she has no friends to be out with because her ex didn't like her going out with her friends. I felt sympathetic for this poor girl who was probably chained to her boyfriend throughout the whole relationship. Towards the end of dinner, she said...

"Do you mind if I come and hang out with you guys sometimes?"

What can you say to someone like that? She seemed like this broken person who wanted to get back to her feet again and if she needs help getting a headstart in getting friends again, we shall give her help. Of course the Central Perk gang welcomed her with open arms. We warmed up to her pretty quickly. She's a fun person to hang out with (hence the name) and she was genuinely nice.

Oh the difference when she started dating Jay.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has read about their relationship so I shall not bore anyone with the details. Fast forward to 30.08.06. It's the Merdeka eve and Fun had suggested that we should go for porridge. This place opens at 5am and our normal ritual is to yamcha from the night before until they open. Sarah N agreed and I of course am up for it. The day came and we dragged G along for our little celebration. (guess you can call it that)

Let me just put this in point form because this is the second time I am typing this, my previous entry was accidently delete.. *bloody hell*

  • Waited for the couple who came late. She said they'll be there at 2 only turned up at about 3 without so much of an apology.
  • After one drink she decided to go elsewhere, Jay's friend's house to watch some movies to pass time till 5am. We agreed.
  • Watched a B grader, half enjoyed it.

After all that, we hopped onto our cars and headed off for our final destination that day. G briefly heard that Fun and Jay will not be able to make it but they didn't tell us directly, so we decided to follow their car and when we found out that they were heading back to Jay's place, I was like WTF. Again, reasons in point form...

  • She could have told us she was not up for it before we went for the movie. G was snoring throughout. We were pretty tired out but we went on with it cause Fun was so determined to go.
  • She could have at least told us directly that she don't want to do but she didn't. What are the chances of three person not hearing what she has to say?
  • I suspected that Jay didn't want to go and she was embarrassed to say so, so she took the easy way out. Ditched us. Ohhh thinking of that pissed me off even more...

We went on with the initial plan anyway and drove all the way to Petaling Street before calling them and layeth down the guilt trip. Asked Jay who picked up his phone where they were because we were already nearby the place and we don't see their car anywhere. He replied saying that they told us that they are not going. Hope he feels damn guilty about this whole thing.

We went back with full stomach and with angry thoughts in our head. I concluded that now I know the reason why she's got no friends. It was not because her boyfriend didn't want her to join her friends but more like she's pissed all her friends off because she puts her boyfriend above everything else.

Oh get a life... If she were to run back and cry if they ever break up, I will not be there for her. My trust for her has gone and I think if she wants to convince me to think otherwise, it will be hard work. It is sickening how people can just take other people for granted. I know it's evil to say this but I really hope one day she will learn her lesson, the hard way.

P/S; I think Jay is pissed with me because he has not spoken to me since that day. So be it. Who the hell he thinks he is anyway? Fucker


Penguin said...

My dear... people change.. everyone of us do.. it is the only thing that is certain in life. Friends come and go... and I can't tell u how many friends that have hop into my train and hop out during the journey...:)

To trust someone is to be prepared to be hurt. To be friend someone is to be prepared to be enemy. To be in love is to be prepared to be heart broken. It is only fair and in every journey there is a beautiful story and interesting byline.

Pinkity said...

It's true.. I like this whole Zen approach that you're taking.. Maybe I should try get into the whole Zen vibe too :p

Thanks for your comment!