Monday, September 04, 2006


Listening to: Olivia Inspi Reira - a little pain
Feeling: Like I wanna go home soon

You know, I've just got word that Steve Irwin the famous crocodile 'crikey' guy just died...

You what's the irony?

My humps, my humps myhumpsmyhumps...

He has faced off with Uncle Cobra here...

Hssss... Stop making bags out of me...

This ugly mofo there

Help! I don't want to be the next Bulgari tote!

Seriously... When I read on MSN news that he died because of a stingray... I immediately thought WTF?

ikan bakar
Dude, that's good grilled stingray OK?

DUDE, you just killed Irwin, you bastard!

So moral of the story is, eat more grilled stingray if you like Steve Irwin!

OK, I'm sorry! I know it's bad to do that... Actually I kinda like that annoying guy. I hope he's in reptile heaven right now and... and... uh... Well, rest in peace Steve!

BTW, the god damned stingray shot a poisonous stingray barb into his heart... He died while filming.. Go here - for your further reading pleasure


amylmeiwei said...

Eat more grilled Stingray, yeah! Agree!!!

Crazy Funky Monkey Aunty said...

Like it's the stingray's fault to launch it's defence mechanism

Pinkity said...

Hrmmm... Well, that's true... Read that it will only defend itself when disturbed... Guess what happened....