Saturday, September 02, 2006

Life is a Beach

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It's my first productive weekend I've had for a long time and I think it's time I blog about the wonderful time we had in Kapas. Actually, it's just an excuse to showcase the *ahem* beautiful pictures we took

So yeah... about a month and a half back, we headed towards Pulau Kapas!

Sky High!!

Away from work and exhaust fumes we're forced to smell during our line of duty, we headed towards the peaceful East Coast of Malaysia... Of course, because we're not like some rich kind, we had to take the bus. 5 hour bus journeys are alright if you have the right companions... Our ride is scheduled at 12am...

Bus Stop
Crazy bunch at the Putra Bus Station waiting for our ride

Of course, you'll have to carry your own baggage... So, we packed light...

We only brought like, half our wardrobe...

But when you're sitting in the same dark place without a ciggie in hand, you're bound to feel bored... So we entertained ourselves...

Guess who?

We finally reached our destination, Marang Jetty, or rather Marang Town at the ungodly hour of 5.30am. Called the guy who promised to bring us to the jetty from the town and waited at the town square *it's this ugly sculpture of a squid, fish, clams and octopus =.= * for another half an hour before the guy arrived... we piled into his pickup truck.. all 7 of us with excess baggage... But we managed...

Reached the jetty just in time to see the sky turning from grey to blue

The sky in hues of blue

Managed to take a picture of these really cute litter of kittens which so happened to be sleeping inside the dustpan...

So god damned cute!

Finally after breakfast and all, we finally boarded the speedboat

Wind through hair

Boatride 2
The open sea! Beautiful~!!

Our driver for the day

Funny thing was that we didn't have to wear our lifejackets but Kayan, our wonderful guide cautioned us that if the boat overturns, the lifejackets are in the compartment overhead...

I was like WTF, the boat overturns, how to think where the lifejacket is? All I can think of is, FUCK I DUN WANNA DIE A VIRGIN!

See? Honest thoughts comes to mind when you're dying... BUT, after saying that, I am sure that the guys are pros... We landed safe. Still alive.. Fuh

Our beautiful chalet

Our room's nothing to scream about.. It comes with an aircond which was a relieve but after the first day there, we realized that the aircond was not necessary because we were out of the room most of the time only to come back at night to sleep.

First thing you need to do when you're in an island is to slather on your sunblock. Slather it on like you want to cause an oilslick. *Heheheheh*

Look for the sunblock monster

First thing we did was to go for lunch... Food there sux

Eww... but we were damn hungry...

Then, surf's up!!!!

Lovebirds Ahoy!

Of course, there shall always be one cam ho picture of myself featured!

Look like Cina girl... waitaminute... I am a Cina girl... =.=

For dinner, we were at the KBC, Kapas Beach Chalet. Highly recommend it... Lovely Lovely place, with lovely people...

Check it out...

Fall in love, NOW!

Sigh.. writing about this makes me wanna go back there again... I MISSS!!!!

LMF n gang
Fun doing a bit of modelling with G and Gem at the back...

We had fun chilling by the beach side. With just a book and many many books and ciggies, we passed a few hours just like that...

this is life
Sun, Sea, Sand... Is my life...

Sunsets in paradise

Chillin Jess
Gem having some fun in the sun

Dreamy MF
Fun dreaming

Pseudo rajin Gigi
G pseudo rajin... TIPU! She's actually eyeing half naked guys walking by

Island Band
We even have entertainment there... Check out the Island Band...

We met loads of really nice and crazy people out there this trip... Kayan our guide was really nice.. Love him! He's super friendly and accommodating, he even got someone to play the guitar while we sing... The love story of the day was the the guitarist fell in love with G. I am still laughing over it... HAHAHAH

KBC bunch of crazy ppl
KBC guests... we managed to get everyone to be in the photo... there were Japanese, Austrian, British and local tourists there... The owner, Hans is Dutch and hawt... ahhahaha

They even have a friendly cat PR... SO CUTE!

Kute Kitty

Tropical Sun

Towards the end of the trip, I wanted to call Editor up to tell her there's a typhoon happening here and there is no boat back to mainland... I wanted to stay... No stress, no deadlines... I didn't even know what day it was when we were there... I turned off my phone so that no one could call and disturb this illusion. Heeh...

Don't ask why we were doing this... We were stomping on the sand because it glows blue and green after a while. Damn cool but you'll end up sweaty and shit...

Still on love with the place and I am definitely going back there come February.... Sigh...

The girls in heaven. Picture courtesy of Kst


ayamanna said...

hey i like the pic of all of you jumping! hahaha! imagine if you all had to jump a couple of times just to get everyone synchronised. that would've been a bitch :p

sigh. looking at the pics make me feel like going for a beach holiday too. grrr...must. be. patient.

the bitch from hell said...

omg. ayamanna also has no life. le sigh. hahaha. we rant and bitch about so much of stuff. and yet we sit behind our desktop/laptop doing nothing much about it. hahahahaha.

camho... hate you for showing me the beach pictures! you bitch! i so wanna go to a place with the sand sea and sun... NOW!!! i'm not patient. i want it like... NOW!

Pinkity said...

Ayamanna - The jumping pix is actually really easy... it's all about angling... teach you when I c u ok? Beach holidays are the best~~~

TBFH - Dun talk so much.. you're gonna go someone sometime soon also ok? Dun be a biatch.. I wanna go next year!

Anonymous said...

F U bitch!! Laugh somemore...laugh!!!

Pinkity said...