Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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Sorry Ayammana, no nasty post yet... Maybe sometime soon.. no time to blog nowadays...

So anyways, it's 11.21pm... 39 minutes till Merdeka Day.. Need to run off to shower before picking Sarah N, Kst and G up before going off to meet Fun and Jay. Had a long talk with Seems and Sarah S about my situation and decided that killing people with kindness is the way to go.

"You're not worth the money I'm paying you. You do the least in the whole team" kept ringing in my head as I picked up the phone to call Fun to ask her if her new company wants to hire someone... Right after that after all the heat subsided I realized that I will truly miss the magazine if I go. About 7pm, the other company called me up for an interview. After talking to him I was even more troubled. I'm gonna miss the team, I'm gonna miss the work and the company.

Seems suggested that I should try meta-meditation where you wish the person all the best an give that person your happy vibes so that person will treat you better. I am going to give that a try and improve on myself. Shall come in at 9am everyday and put in all my stories on time. Shall not complain when people ask me to loan stuff last minute. Shall smile to her whenever possible and shall be even nicer to her. Maybe somewhere in between she'll feel bad and change.

Will not leave because of her when I really love my work. Shall keep my passion *FIRE!* to a maximum... So easy to say... I hope it's easy to do as well...

Because I know I am worth it...

Happy Merdeka everyone... I am working tomorrow T.T


*gol & gincu the official blog page* said...

oh the glory of it all... we work for money... we live for money... can i say... i wouldn't mind fucking for a living... or just being low low low very low and being paid for just being low! urgh. it's life... we all go thru it... let's all hold hands now and STEP and KICK *say it like you mean it, when you're happy and you know it... STEP STEP's *your boss's name* head, when you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it... kick kick kick *your boss's name* on the bullocks* but for me... it's the annoying comments i heard from people... so should i kick everyone? hahahaha... yi hwa... if we are not happy by... 5 years from now... i'll be a priest and you be a nun la... problem solved... we go heaven... and our meals are paid etc... we get the best fashion attire ever... what more do you want? *oh and you get a boss who knows what you are about to rant about*

ayamanna said...

MCH!! She said that to you!?!!? OMG!! No tact at all man! If it was me, I would've flipped over TWICE! Tiu.

But you being the more logical person have chosen a better path. Yes that 'happy vibes' does indeed sound like the better thing to do. But if I were to do that, my boss would think there was something reaally, really wrong with me ;p

Hang in there pinkity! May the force be withchu!!

Pinkity said...

Bitchin' I love the priest and nun idea! Butbutbutbut... I buddhist la how to be nun? hahahha. Anyway, no way I can go Japan with you?

Ayamanna, I did flip.. But cooled down after a while... T.T The happy vibes thing is worth a try in this situation because the job itself is worth it... Thanks you for your wishes.. :)