Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flattened I mean, Flattered

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Yesterday I received this uplifting email from Marina of the US of A. :)

First and foremost, let me explain Marina. Marina is a girl whom I knew since I was in high school. She was the coolest cat around. As in, for a 15 year old she posseses the cool collected calm of a 25 year old working woman. Needless to say, I was always in awe of her. She's smart and funny in a quiet kinda way. AND she was the only person who could stand Yews of his crazy ways.

Just when we were able to hold our own naughty conversations, she flew off to US to further her studies. Now she only comes back once a year. Marina and me, oh we had such good times...

So back to the uplifting email, she sent me this...

"Hey you!

I know this is probably long overdue or something and totally obvious, but I just finished reading a whole bunch of the posts from your blog and you are a mighty talented blogger. Your posts are fun and insightful to read...and its not just because you write about your life..but the way you word your experiences. I just felt like telling you that. Sometimes (ok...most times) I am so out of touch with stuff and I wanted to take some time to share my thoughts about this part of your life with you. By the way...good luck on the cha-cha dancing! Sounds like fun. Make sure to dance with the cute boys in class ok? Or it there are least the moderately handsome ones.


Man, that totally made my day. Marina, of all people to say so about me. Just when I wondered if I should continue writing, professionally. OK, to put it simply; I'm flattered.

Wait, let me try again.


Thanks Marina. I had like the best day yesterday. The day went on with glitches as usual but I feel the ray of hope shining on me, so I soldiered on. *stupid smile on my face*

I'm out...

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amylmeiwei said...

I know how it feels like when someone u admired praise u, everything seems 2 go riggggggghhhhttttt all the wayyyyyyyy the whole day!