Friday, August 11, 2006

Do some charity lah!

Listening to: Sergio Mendes feat. BEP - Mas Que Nada
Feeling: The Friday blues. Happy that it's the weekend but unhappy because there are so many things to do before Monday.

In case you guys have yet to notice, I have totally ho-ed my blog to Google.

I'm sorry but I really need the money help me buy my new phone by clicking on the ads. *psst... honestly, I really don't know how it works... but just click loe*

Download the Picasa program at the bottom of the page for quicker picture upload. I think you can even chat on it.

So remember, use the search toolbar; if you need Picasa - download here; if you can and have the time, click on some of the ads... You might find something hawt here! *besides me of course*

1 comment:

amylmeiwei said...

How much is ur budget 4 a phone? I might haf good offer 4 u...