Saturday, September 30, 2006

Samsung SGH E500

Listening to: Theme from My Sassy Girl - I Believe
Feeling: Much better!

A few months ago I got Samsung to send me their latest mobile for a review and they sent me their latest SGH E500


It's been two months now and they have yet to ask for it to be sent back. wahhahah... Looks like I'm gonna have more fun with it.

A colleague asked me that day of what I thought about my latest toy and I have to say that Samsung is getting better with their interface. I won't mind getting a Samsung the next time I am buying a phone that's for sure...

My favorite function in the phone is the Mosiac Shots.

What the...
Sarah N: That day I saw Pink digging her nose... Damn disgusting!!!

Dragon Tiger Gate!
In cinemas nationwide, Pink, SarahN and Kst in their latest movie Dragon Tiger Gate!

Ham:I think of Kat everyday!!

I heart this phone and will be kinda sad when I return it. The only thing I can't take is the fact that it's so aunty.. Sigh.. The silver one's kinda cool... Shall be considering it! :p


ayamanna said...

eh ask them to give you for free laaa since you blog about it. hehehehee...

Pinkity said...

Wahhh so nice mer? Not everyone as nice as Adidas ok? *winkwink*

heheheh :p