Monday, September 11, 2006

Uh Oh...

Listening to: Jessica Simpson - These boots are made for walking
Feeling: Stressed over the impending shoot

Today while I was stuffing my face with dinner and flipping through The Star, my eyes rests upon this lifestyle focus...

Fed up about your boss? Before you log on to your blog to vent, perhaps you should reconsider. ELIZABETH TAI discovers the perils of blogging about work.

JEEVAN* was frustrated about work. The software engineer had to take on duties that he had no idea how to handle, which meant learning things from scratch and enduring “a lot of boring research”.

Naturally, he took a lot of “research breaks” during work to elevate boredom – and that meant writing on his blog (short for weblog).

And as his job became increasingly frustrating, Jeevan began talking more about work on his online journal.

“Besides my three colleagues (we were a tiny start-up) who were all in the same boat as me, I couldn’t really complain to anyone else – so I blogged my frustrations. This was based on my impression that my bosses did not know my blog, and didn’t even know I had a blog,” he said.

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So yeah, of course I'm freaking out now.. Scanning my blog for any disrespectful/gossipy bits about work now... Of all things, if I get dooced. because of my blog I am gonna fucking quit and beg around for a nice book deal...

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