Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh, enough about me!

Listening to: Anggun - Snow on the Sahara
Feeling: Excited

So Girl's Night Out was cancelled cuz Nini got sick but went out with Seems instead. Was supposed to blog a while back but got hooked onto KevJumba on *everyone should watch KevJumba... He's so funny!*

OK, so back to me...

Right, back to the little gathering we had with Seems's friends. I was telling them about all the mishaps I had been through and I thought to myself, OMG I can't believe all these things happened to me!

- I got robbed (more than 4 times)

- Me and my brother caught a snatch thief with our bare hands (and that asshole is still walking around a free man)

- I was at the scene of a suicide death

- I have some really dysfunctional friends

- I've gone through some drama breakups (not mine thank god!)

- I've experienced hauntings and caught a spirit in a picture

- I've got a really crazy neighbour

- I was robbed at parang point at a cyber-cafe and in the process saw some of my guy friends in their undies (this incident is never again repeated on the yamcha table, EVER!)

- I was once in love with my so obviously gay friend... And harbored deep feelings for my once best friend for 5 years, which was filled with drama, tears and anger

Oh man... I can really go on the whole night talking about things that had happened to me.


Friend: Why do things always happen to you?

Me: Because the world revolves around me!!!


Friend: God, you are so freaking unlucky!

Me: But I'm lucky now... I think..


Friend: So have to stay away from you la!!! It seems that all things unlucky happen to you...

Me: But but but, I really believe that it's a cycle.. Bad luck happens then now good luck is happening to me again...

Friend: *suspiciously* When was the last time you had bad luck? Have to count the timeframe so I know when to stay from you...

Me: T.T


As I was relating the major events that had happened to me in the past three years, I thought to myself how if I were to be sitting there listening to this girl who had so much happening in her life I would have thought that this girl was a tall tale teller.

Seems thought i should write a book on my life but who would want to know about me anyway? But I were Lindsay Lohan I would have prolly be already on the bestseller list before I'd even started writing the book.

Guess the book could happen, who knows? If not, I will still have this blog to talk about myself!!!!


No pictures today... Happy Merdeka eve tomorrow! Most people would have most prolly forgotten why we celebrate the 31st of August anyway...It's just another holiday. Had made plans with Cin to play mahjong again tomorrow (only to end at about 7am to eat dimsum!!!) but it really depends on what we decide to do. Would like to see some fireworks!

I am so getting boring right? Blah...