Monday, August 27, 2007

An update of some sort...

Listening to: Nothing but the A/C
Feeling: Like I don't want it to be Monday tomorrow

It's been almost a month since I had really updated my blog!!!

I am so guilty! Anyways, it had been a busy month... As usual.. I shouldn't make excuses!!!

I will be updating soon in batches.. Loads to write about... so much happened... And this will be my first update!

This is me playing mahjong before I left for Mauritius and I was on a winning streak!!!

Kang Kang Wu!

It's pretty hard to explain but Kang Kang Wu is when you win the game without phong-ing anything from the other players! It's quite hard to get!!! I won about RM8 that game! Woots...

And I got a haircut the weekend I came back cause I was looking at my photos and was horrified by my hairstyle (if you can even call that 'a hairstyle') So of course I had to take pictures of my freshly cut hair right?

Me new hair2
I love a good blow job...

Me new hair1
Say goodbye to bad hair days!

That's the end my first update... Loads more pictures to come... It's gonna be crazy and it's gonna be loads of cam-whoring pictures...

Consider yourself warned!

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Ms. KY said...

Babe, my style is quite similar to yours... But of course you look better ;)