Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My New Gadget!

Listening to: Emi Fujita - Melody Fair
Feeling: Like I need to get back to watching Monster on crunchyroll.com

As promised my second update today...

Had been pretty busy watching all two seasons of Sponge Bob Square Pants! So loving that show and waiting for the following seasons to come my way!

I'm ready, I'm ready!

One thing I learnt from watching that is it sure helps to get through your day at work if you love it more than anything else.. You won't even care about the pay!!!

OK, I digress...

And so in my hiatus, many things had happened. One of the first things that finally happened to me was...... After one freaking year, I finally bought my phone. It's a Nokia 6288 and I am loving it...

It's in white to match my Maccy baby

Of course, to break into my new phone I had to take loads of cam whoring pictures of myself...

Trying on sunnies...
Me and my beautiful fashion writer Zoe

While we were at a hotel launch....
Me and beautiful as usual Sarah N

While working on a weekend...
Art or something
Me, myself and I in the office on a Saturday

It's been about a month since I bought the phone and don't have much problems with it. Only problem I have is that the pictures are not as good as I think it would be. Hope this one will last me more than a year!

It's Hungry Ghost Festival month and I'm still awake at this time... The next update will be some ghost stories I heard recently!!! Ohhhhh~~~~

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