Thursday, August 30, 2007

While everyone's out...

Listening to: Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore - Way Back Into Love
Feeling: Some strains of the tummy flu

It's such a holiday day at the office today! It's already 2.10 and no one's in the office so I decided to blog a little.

This is what me and SarahN bought from the Japanese grocery shop in Plaza Damas! SUTEKI!

I wish I had finished my columns so I can go out and enjoy without worrying about work. It's pretty stressful nowadays and it's so weird that I am feeling so calm and ignorant about everything! I have 6 more columns to write and deadline's on the 1st!!! T.T

OK, forget about that! *denial mode~~*

We went to The Apartment that day.

Don't ask 'Whose apartment' la cause it's a new concept cafe/bar thingy at The Curve. It's BEAUTIFUL!

We had the Pavlova with Peaches, Strawberries and Cream.. Delish!

Me, Nini and Fun devoured this within seconds after taking a thousand and one pictures with it. This one above was taken with my crappy camera on my phone :( gomen for the bad quality... Still waiting for pictures from Nini...

And then one weekend we were at this really funky place at Bangsar. Club66 or Club88 something like that for a taping of Rexona No Sweat Challenge to support Trinity, Fun's friend. It was a dance challenge and it was the finals when we got there. Totally amazing stuff, I really had no idea that we have such fantastic talented people here in Malaysia. Trinity had danced backup for artists such as SHE and Jolin Tsai just to name a few.

Trinity and Fun striking a pose!

She was so cute! Faster go watch Rexona's No Sweat Challenge... It's on air now if I'm not wrong!

Apart from that, I had also been watching anime...

Rozen Maiden so rocked my sox! Love the beautiful costumes! :d

Monster was intense, deep and the plot just gets better and juicier with every episode!

Gotta admit that Rozen was more fluff than substance but it was good fluff! Monster was really, really, really good. There should be about 74 episodes and I am at episode 47. That's my reason for sleepless nights! Can't wait to get till the end so I know what happens next!

*Gets all excited and wants to go home!*

I had also been suffering from bouts of stomach flu. I was running for the toilet every one hour and wanting to perform an Exorcist moment every few hours. I still have it but hoping it would go away soon because it sucks having to spend 1 hour everyday in the loo, counting tiles...

It's 2.30 and the office is still empty! Fantastic.. and now to move on to my article..


*Sinking sensation* I knew I forgot to do something! I was supposed to be wearing something yellow, blue or red to the office today to celebrate Merdeka.. Whoops... I forgot!


Iced Nyior said...

i heard the service at The Apartment is not that fantastic. How's the pricing & quality for the food? worth it or not?

Ms. KY said...

I had tummy flu too!

Pinkity said...

Having tummy flu sucks KY~ T.T

Iced Nyior - I liked the service at the Apartment, maybe people who had been there and thought it sucked got someone really bad from the staff rooster cause I heard people complaining about that too. Price was alright.. It's almost like TGIF? I'm keeping this one for my special nights out! :D

ManN said...

exorcist aye?
did u bring a comic to replace the bible he was holding?
got flies ka? LOL!

Pinkity said...

Whatever dude!!!!!

My friends loved the cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

IT's C18 aka Club18 not club 66 or 88 la...
dionk! i know 6 is your fav number la!