Thursday, November 16, 2006

Full Metal Alchemist Chibi Party

Listening to: Aki Chiyoko - Onore Michi
Feeling: Tired but can't sleep

This has to be the cutest, ever, chibi version of an anime... EVERRRRR

Exclusively for those who had watched FMA the whole series and also Conquerers of Shambala. Won't make much sense if you've not.

But still, watch it for the cuteness if you wanna....



danielhenry said...

wtf. i have no idea what all that was about... damnit! you wasted my how many minutes was that??? i'll sue...!!!

Pinkity said...

Eh I already had a disclaimer there saying that if you haven't watch Full Metal Alchemist (Which you should) you shouldn't watch this cause you won't understand nuts...

Anywayz, if you want the anime bring me 20-30 empty CDs... I burn for you... It's the shit I swear!