Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Go trip on your power!"

Listening to: Howie Day - Collide
Feeling: Kinda pissed off and tired

I've just gotten back home from a full day of running around; from central KL to KLCC to MidValley to Bangsar to One Utama. I have a shoot tomorrow and I am stressed out and tired.

Working in a magazine is a funny thing. You are at the mercy of your boss in the office. During events and media trips, we(the media) are treated like demi gods. (In a way laaaa) When you're out loaning... you're at the mercy of the shop salesperson. We are generally nice to the sales people and they are usually nice to us, though some might need some warming up to. I have to be honest here; fake or not, it makes my job MUUUCHHH more easier.

I've gotten my fair share of shitty sales peeps but oh well I guess everyone's got their bad days. I would usually stay civil and be polite. After all, I am coming back to their shops to return and collect more stuff in the future anyway...

So today was just another boring collection day driving from one place to the other... Until my last stop. I was supposed to get some items from a well known departmental store. Collecting from a departmental store is totally different from the usual collections. I have to get a pass from the security guard. Usually not a big thing but today, the lady in charge was in a foul mood.

Security Guard Lady: Kenapa you datang dari depan? Lain kali you datang dari belakangla
Why did you come from the front? Next time come in from the back (She meant the docking bay

Me: Tapi saya selalu datang dari depan. Saya bukan supplier.
But I've always came in from the front from the store front. I am not a supplier

SGL: Ini beg besar. Apa dalam beg itu? Lain kali jangan bawa beg besar-besar, bawa yang kecil punya
This bag is big. What's in the bag? Next time don't bring such a big bag. Bring something smaller

Me: *Feeling temperature rising* Saya darimagazine dan saya datang untuk pinjam barang untuk shoot. Saya bukan supplier. Kalau saya nak masuk dari depan, saya masuk dari depan. Kalau saya nak bawa beg besar, saya boleh bawa beg besar. (snatching my pass and walking away)
I'm from a magazine and I'm here to loan some products for a shoot. I am not a supplier. If I wanted to come in from the front, I come in from the front and if I want to bring a big bag, I will bring a big bag.

OhHhHhHh, I was damn pissed off!!!!! I was nice to her when I asked for the pass but why was she being such a bitch and started scolding me? Before I can even explain that I am not a bloody supplier therefore I do not need to come in from the docking bay, she had already assumed that I was one.

Ex-Hitler once told me that people with the least power loves exercising what little power they have because it makes them feel powerful. As I was going around collecting the items that I wanted, I felt bad for the lady and was actually feeling bad for blowing up at the lady.

She was riding on her power...

And I tripped on mine... Guess we're even then.

P/S: She was polite to me as I was returning the pass to her because one of the guys who were helping me with the paperwork actually went over and told her off as I went back into the office and told the guy about the incident. I have to admit I was being kinda bitchy... Erk.. that guy didn't deserve it... Now I feel bad x2. :(


danielhenry said...

mmm... parkson? had my fair share. thou... being the bitch... i just glare and stare... i dun even bother going the back door. like there's anything worth stealing in that stupid departmental stall la. back lane... is a no no for a royal bitch.

Pinkity said...

Woot you're smart... I checked with this guy from the office and he told me that I can come in from the front no problem... But you're right... nothing worth stealing there...cq

annaiam said...

eeee....what a bitch. you should've just bitch slapped her la with your handbag :p

hahaah! i liked that bit where you wrote about being treated like a slave and being treated like demi gods during event. haahah! sooooo true hor? ;p

Pinkity said...

Ekk... Don't tell my boss!!!

The events thingy.. yeap it's true it's true... I feel embarrassed sometimes when we get treated that way... IT'S TRUE!!!

I really didn't want to be rude to her thought but after I did it.. It felt kinda good... ahhahaha Ahhh what power can do to you... Scary hor?