Friday, November 03, 2006

Impending Hiatus

Listening to: Kudo Shizuka - Blue Velvet
Feeling: Sleepy ^%$&*(%^

Just got out from a meeting that made me realize how much shit work that I have to do within the next three months. You guys out there please promise me that you'll buy an issue of Her World December onwards up till March and if you like Her World, continue buying it if you like it because it's my blood, sweat and tears.

SNIFF! This also means that I might have to take a hiatus from blogging. Of course will still update occasionally or when I am just too fucked up to do my work.

From now on it's gonna be work, mahjong and Fatal Frame only. I wanna cry!

P/S: I'm now at the final battle for Fatal Frame III and OMFG it's so bloody frustrating trying to dodge her and run around and snap her picture and at the same time trying to get a fatal frame shot!


Anger! Tomorrow gonna try again!

Back to works... Sigh


amylmeiwei said...

At least u still haf time 4 mahjong n fatal frame!

I'll support by buying the mag

Pinkity said...

Thanks Amy... Sniff~ I am so touched!!!!

I've finished Fatal Frame and decided that mahjong is unhealthy unless you get a few days holiday (when you can sleep) so guess most of the time I'll be at work!