Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shattered Innocence...

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Alright, since we're on the topic anyway, let me tell you a short story about how a friend of mine got 'robbed' by a traffic police...

This happened years back, about 6 years back... meaning we all just got our driving license la and also before hands-free kit were not as popular. So, here we go...

Marcus was my friend Tania's then boyfriend. When he got stopped by the traffic police, he was on the handphone... *seems that being on the handphone is by far the most common offence* The usual 'friendly' banter went on and in the end, Marcus decided to just bribe him because the officer kept telling him that he's gotta pay the fine in some god forsaken place.

When Marcus told him he only had RM10, the police officer actually had the gall to look through his wallet! True enough, there was only RM10 in his wallet (you know la, students mar!!!) and there was a RM50 voucher for drinks in Bali. (remember the once happening club in Sunway area?) The officer passed the wallet back to Marcus and asked him to fold the note into a small square, slip it under his driver's license and pass the license back to him. (that's how the exchange usually goes, I am told)

The officer took his license and slipped the money into his folder and passed the license back to Marcus. Then the officer peeped into his folder and said...

Officer: Eh, tadi itu voucher untuk apa ya?
*What was that voucher for?*

Marcus: Itu untuk minuman di Kelab Bali. RM50 untuk minuman..
*That voucher's for drinks in Bali Club worth RM50*

Officer: Tengok apa lagi? Bagi la.
*What are you waiting for? Pass it to me!*

I can tell you that it's a WTF moment for Marcus... Isn't that daylight robbery? First you took my wallet and rummaged through it to check if I hid cash into compartments... Now you even want a freaking drinks voucher for Bali Club? In the first place, you're a Muslim and you can't even consume alcohol! Oh man... when he told us about the whole incident, we kept quiet for a bit because we didn't know how to react to that...

We were young at that time but that story totally shattered our innocent view of this city called KL.

When we were younger, I can hear my classmates saying 'I want be policeman'. OK la... this was when we were in primary school but you know, my point is that we used to look up to these people who we are now bitching about... Sigh... Where is the love man...

First world facilities, third world mentality... I'm starting to half believe that...


amylmeiwei said...

so, if my son tells me tat he wans 2 grow up 2 b a policeman, am I suppose 2 SLAP him hard on his face? Hahahahahhaa...

Pinkity said...

LOL! Well, no need to slap him but make sure he's a honest cop OK? That's if you're trying for a son sometime soon... hehehehe :0

Anonymous said...

i think it's a pity that all the policemen in our nation are viewed as corrupt just because of a few bad apples.

in my last 9 years of driving, i've been stopped 3 times and only once did the policeman hinted for 'duit kopi', but that one also he lepas laa since i acted damn chat blur and pretended that i couldn't comprehend what he kept hinting about.

methinks this will go on as long as we, the public continue giving in and feeding their need for 'supplementary income'.

honestly speaking, given the choice of paying a policemen off on the spot or lining up for hours just to pay a saman, i may just end up being a pro-rasuah person.

from the evil side of me :p

amylmeiwei said...

My mother-in-law is damn funny, whenever she's stop by a policeman, she would pretend like she couldn't understand malay, she would oni repeat saying, "saya tak tau"...

imagine this, muz include her innocent & shocked face in the scene.

"kak, u pakai hp tadi"
"i tak tau"
"apa tak tau, I nampak u tadi"
"i tak tau"
"yg tu kesalahan yg besar tau?"
"i tak tau"
"JANGAN nak buat bodoh, i akan ambik tindakan"
"har? i tak tau la"
"jadi sekarang I nak sman ya?"
"i tak tau"
"nak settle ke macam mana?"
"har? i tak tau la"
"(Grrrrr.... celeka engkau) nah, ini saman u, tolong sign sini"
"i tak tau lar"
"sign la, ci bai"
"tak tau"
after tat, suddenly she said:
"ok-la, bye bye ya, I betul betul tak tau"

sure the policeman die of anger, muahahahaha...

eh, I'm serious, she really use the same method everytime n she got away without paying rasuah nor saman, good huh?

Anonymous said...

I think KL hasn't been innocent for a while. Corruption really makes this city go 'round, but it is no different from most other Asian cities. We either need to stop pretending and really fix the problem or just kinda go with the flow.

I like the new "Saya Anti-Rasuah" badges the cops are rockin' these days. It makes the irony funnier.