Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fast forward 3 weeks.

Listening to: Clazziquai Project - Fiesta (Daishi Dance remix)
Feeling: Melancholic

No matter how I look at thing
s it is still depressing. How should we handle things? Can I make it for my Mecca? What is the situation now? It's a blank canvas of confusion.

shing the depression to the back of my mind (in some cultures, this is often labeled as 'running away from reality') I had some fun over the past three weeks...

We went white water rafting in Gopeng. I promi
se you this is the best anger management/stress therapy anyone can get. I screamed my heart out and came home as tired as a dog. Had a great night's sleep.

But let me warn you that water might be splashed around. It was fun though me and Fun went with a bunch of people we don't know except for Jae Han. Woots!

I al
so went for the Complete 5 BMW drive two weeks back.

We drove the X5 and the 5 series, naturally.

Drove on beautiful roads I never knew existed.

Witnessed the beauty of nature from air.

Roughed it out at the Four seasons Langkawi.

Magnificently showered like a queen in the outdoor bath in the room (in the Four seasons)

Did a Paris and Nicole (again) and enjoyed life on a mega yacht.

Had a splashing time on the banana boat.

Watching the beautiful sun set while I enjoyed my dinner.

Cam-whored with my sister one weekend.

Yeap. My life in 3
short weeks. More soon!

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4 Leaf Clover said...

save the best for the last.