Friday, November 26, 2010

It's been a long, long time

When was the last time I blogged?

Oh... more than half a year ago. I admit I'm a lazy bum. I still am but I have some time to kill so here I am.

Trust me, when you click clack on the keyboard almost 12 hours a day, the last thing you want to do is to click clack on the keyboard once again at the keyboard, regaling non-existent readers about your life.

But well, since I'm already here, here's what been happening...

I moved
Yes, we finally did. Home Sweet Home. Not that it all happened without any drama... Loads of blood sweat and tears. Mostly sweat and tears. Now we're kinda settled in. Furniture about 70% done, boxes mostly unpacked and we're gonna be hosting our house warming in about 2 weeks time. I bet there will be more tears coming from that one. Never knew moving can be so emotional.

I am still dating
Yes I am... Are we getting married? We try... Are we happy? At this moment, I am blissful.

I is Editor
Yes I is editor now. I can has power! Not really.. I am 'just the editor' according to the client. But I won't take heart because she has no idea what the publishing industry is like. I can has power again!

I am travelling... ALOT
I have been travelling like a mad horse this year. Not that I don't like it.... It's just that it's a little disruptive waking up in different hotels every two months once. I love my house (and pink room... did I mention I got the room of my dreams?) and I don't even get to spend enough time in it. Soon... soon! But it's for work... For leisure, I was in Japan (dream came true!) and Krabi and a few more other states in Malaysia... All I can say is, LOVING IT!

So far so good... Till the next time I update... This blog is not dead yet!

I promise...

For now...


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