Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogging again...

Listening to: Adele - Skyfall
Feeling: Free!

It's been 2 years since my last post and suddenly... I feel the urge to blog again. Maybe because the haze is back and I need to bitch somewhat.

My first post was on 6.22am 29 May 2004. OMG that's like 9 years ago. That's just crazy. It means I was up, strike that... I have yet to sleep. So much has changed. Now 6.22am is the time I wake up. 9 years can change  someone a lot I guess.

I sleep by 10.30pm and wake up by 7.30am. That's a lot of hours of sleep but hey, older people sleep more ok. LOL

Writing this, I feel rusty. Like it's hard to convey what I feel. I'm looking back at all my old posts and feel "OMG did I just write all that raw emotions down?" Seriously, it's not easy to pour my heart out nowadays.

I think 9 years had changed me much. I've learnt that talking about someone behind their backs don't pay and there will be people who claim to be your friend but they are not. I've learnt this a few years back the hard way.

I've also learnt that it's easier to be a friend than an enemy, so I've learnt to forgive. But I've also learnt that not everyone forgives. It's OK, because you'll feel better. :)

I am 31 this year and I started this blog when I was 22. I'm trying to re-read all my posts without cringing. I guess we all go through a bratty phase.

Right now, I think things are going alright. I am trying to gently steer life to where I think is right. It's tough but that's life and nothing in life is easy.

And now, I'll abruptly end this blog post. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning... nice to see you back blogging again... and that was quite a 'confession' of sorts... the post had me grinning a bit, actually... thanks for the b-day wish...