Monday, February 07, 2005

Wishing you were somehow here again...

I am sitting my ass down at home on a Sunday afternoon all alone except for the net, ciggies and sappy love songs for company. And wishing he was somehow here again. It is after all February and it would be a few more months till it is a full circle and he would be back here again.

I am wishing he is here so that I could: -

1. Pick up from where we have left off
2. Fracture my fingers from SMS-ing him
3. See his silly face
4. Go paint the town red
5. Listen to his silly voice
6. Bitch to him
7. To see if we could really be what we used to be

And then I thought, so that's all? And just that? I want more than that.. But guess what I want does not nesessaryly be what I get. Guess having him around would be the same as now.. so near yet so far.

Just feeling melanchonic and sap filled by the songs I am listening to. No one to talk to and thinking too much. Too much uncertainty in this thing called life. Wishing you are somehow here again now.. At least I'd feel less empty, even if I cant have you...

Morbid and all.. Yi Hwa

1 comment:

Jin said...

Yo... woman.. Finally found your blog.. Bleah... Jin was here... at 7th April 2005.....

Hey make sure the freaking movie isnt a horror movie... XP