Saturday, July 14, 2007

I need these things...

Listening to: A/C humming and someone talking
Feeling: Excited about my impending holiday...

I am a needing these things for my holiday+working holiday...

1. A rolly luggage bag... About RM100
2. A nice tankini *HALLELUJAH, my first one in 15 years*... About RM150
3. A few more tops to add to my meagre wardrobe... About RM300
4. A nice CHANEL diamante-studded sunglasses!!! I LOVE... Above RM800 *I won't pay for this. Chanel, can you gimme one?*
5. A nice PSP *Pink or White preferred* to spend my 9 hour flight with
6. RM1000 to spend... That'll be nice.. Anyone can donate?
7. A nice wide-brimmed straw hat...

I wanna go for my holiday NOW!!!!!

I'm not sure how I can squeeze shopping into my hectic week. =.=

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