Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Before the next...

Listening to: M-Flo - One sugar dream
Feeling: Excited

Just got back from Perhentian Island with Seems not too long ago (Read: An hour ago) and just finished catching up with Cin and BK.

As wonderful as it gets...

I am burnt like a honey glazed crab/lobster and it pretty much hurts like hell...

The beach is not as beautiful as the ones we saw in Pulau Kapas or Pulau Lang Tengah.

Sand's everywhere and boy am I tired but all in all feeling rather good about this whole week!!!

I have to be at the airport by 10.30 am and my flight's at 1.25pm...

Now I'm trying to pack for Mauritius and internet willing I shall be updating my blog from there!

And now for some shut eye after some anime!

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