Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I wish I blog more

Listening to: Norah Jones - Nightingale
Feeling: Filled with HOPE

Chinese New Year came and is now coming to an end. The year of the Rat is so far so good!

Nothing much happened these few weeks. I guess after that angst-filled post (I blame it on the pre-crimson wave) I have felt much better. In fact, felt better after a day. It's funny how I get so angry and the next second feel fantastically mellow. Another mysterious trait of the Gemini?

Go figure...

Chinese New Year flew by with my PsP. I love my PsP.

Valentine's Day is not such a big fucking deal this year. Got used to it? Not sure... Went my aunt's place to 'Pai Tin Gong' (the eve of the 9th day of Chinese New Year, a Hokkien big all day. Read all about it here...) and gambled some. Every year, our whole family will gather in my Aunty Fan's house for this Hokkien celebration to ask for blessings from the heavens. (though we are Hakka... nothing wrong with extra blessings right?) To Aunty Fan's husband, this celebration is extremely important and there will be, without fail, a mother of all pigs roasted to crisp perfection on the altar. And right after all that joss stick burning and asking for 4D numbers, that pig will be chopped up and divided amongst all the guests... Almost like Hari Raya Korban, except for the pig. (instead of a cow) We would of course get Aunty Wan, to fire up the wok to bang up some sugar and soy sauce siu yuk. Really, no one does it better than her. *hearts*

As Valentine's Day coincided with this auspicious day, I guess someone took that as a sign to propose to his girlfriend la... As me and bro drove down the LPD to get our ass to our aunt's place, we saw a hugeass billboard with a picture of a geeky guy holding a ring (a RM14K ring, we found out later on national newspaper. Hope it's Tiffany!) with just two lines on it.


Me and bro face faults... ciggies dropped. What the... this kinda cute geek (after thought laaa) just spent about RM20k (RM40k as the national newspaper reported day after) on a billboard to propose? I would had said Yes without him even asking... Kelly is a lucky girl (all female population in Malaysia nods in agreement)

Felt so J ok... But my mission is to look for a man first la... How to get proposal if no man kan?


Back to me... Found out that both Aunt Jess and Aunt Jackie are coming back this year! How's that for a Happy New Year? Also found out that Aunty Jackie reads my blog...

Holla Aunty Jackie! And if you're wondering if Mom and Dad knows if I smoke. They do. Grandma doesn't. Please don't tell! Grandma thinks I'm 6 this year, and sometimes denial is bliss! I don't want her to disown me.

And discovered that a long break does wonders to your work productivity. I am happy to announce that I don't have writer's block anymore. Loving it!

Got bored with facebook. Realized that after I took down my hawt picture people don't want to add me as friends anymore and no one clicks on me in the 'Are you interested?' application.(used to get on an average 5 a day) Feel so disgusted by fake people ok...

Went back to the gym today after a one month hiatus. It's a terrible feeling ok? I felt so tired and my lungs weren't cooperating with me after that! I swear not to slip out of the routine ever again! The start-up part is just too hard! While pedaling my life away, saw a special on cockroaches... Can you believe there are people who keep these disgusting things as pets? And it takes two weeks of radiation to kill them completely? (as opposed to human, two days) And they can live without their heads for a week and only because they are not getting any water as they have no mouths to drinks? Female roaches can produce up to 10 thousand offsprings in their lifetime? And their average lifespan is 2 years and are mature to mate after 6 months?


Peeps, you heard it from Pinky first!!!

And, developed an unhealthy addiction to MADtv and Bobby Lee (super kawaii!). Can't sleep because I wanna watch them all. Man this is bad!

Meeting tomorrow's at 9.30am, which means I need to be in the office by 8.30am to get everything in place.That means I should be awake by 7.30am It's 2.34am now.

7.30-2.34 = 4.56 hours = I'm fucked

Nights and till the next update...


Daniel Henry said...

omg you can still do maths?

Pinkity said...

I love you loads because like you're the only one who actually reads and comments on my blog. Love LOVE~!