Sunday, March 02, 2008

Of more good things to come...

Listening to: Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my guitar
Feeling: Wanna get back to my psp

If anyone actually noticed, I have not been updating my blog. Well, please blame Miss Jodi Picoult who writes the most fantastic courtroom dramas. And also Monster Hunter Freedom and Patapon on PsP... It's so damn unbelievably evil. I am not even watching anime on anymore and had been sleeping close to 4am everyday (Yes, even on working days)

I am also obsessed with Taylor Swift's Teardrops On My Guitar. It's so damn emo and it's on repeat. Like for the past hour... Crap... gotta switch to another song soon before I sing it in my sleep...

Just got back from drinks with Jye, Fun and Drama. I am so going to Japan next year! Gotta save up and cut down on food cause apparently the toilets in the hotel is so small. I won't be able to squeeze my fat ass onto the throne if I continue eating like a normal person, so therefore, I have to diligently spend more time in the gym.

Well, speaking of the gym, I skipped a week's worth. I HAVE TO GO BACKKKKK... Getting so damn lazy if you know what I mean...

Loads of happenings this one whole month. Neglected my blog so much really because of my brand spanking new pink PsP.. *hearts*

Chinese New Year came and went... Actually one of the best CNYs I ever had. Drove down from Hometown on the first day to celebrate Fun's bday at Skybar. It was pretty funny cause we tried surprising her. I guess we half succeeded when she stared at us blur-ly and gawked. I told her that me and Sarah N decided to go back to our hometowns.

Make a wish!

View from Traders Hotel's Skybar. Premium price for a premium view

Drinks and such

Couldn't get better pictures because we all forgot to bring our cameras, so pardon the graininess...

Back to the CNY action, me and sis got all glammed up for the First Day of CNY Obligated Ang Pau Collection Trip.
Hotness! It was boiling in Hometown...

Hometown was boring, no kakis to go for mamak talkcock sessions with. Ciggies have to be smoked in secrecy (as in, drive out to the nearest secluded area for a puff). Everyday is filled with eating, sleeping and psp gaming (that I didn't mind) but I felt so damn fresh after my long holiday. It was just heavenly!

Idiot bro
Bro being an idiot as usual

Got back to the office with fresh minds, only to be stressed out again within the next half an hour. Oh well, that's just the way work is...

And then this car drove up to our office... Just had to snap a picture of it cause it's just too cool...

Miss Boss
Miss Boss and it's the initials of my managing editor, Boss

We did a flower shoot for one of our issues and omg.. so pretty! One of my favourites... It's pink tulips with white pretty flowers. We got to keep it after the shoot and for the first time in three years, I have fresh flowers on my table!

It lasted for 3 days, longer than what I had expected! Love love love them!

I wish I can have this once a week!

Have I ever mentioned that I have a new Love?

That's my new love of my life, Dino... He's mighty pleased with his new home

Me and Seems had also started going on this fitness ritual we try to keep every week. We bring Dino to the Taman Tun park every Sunday for walks. It's a beautiful shaded park that is pet friendly. Dino loves it!

We bring Dino out for walks when me and Seems can wake up on Sundays

The dog goes wild there while me and Seems try not to pass out from the heat.

It's super hard work ok, walking the dog...

Apart from that... I recently went to Crystal Jade's restaurant food review.

Fin's soup
Crazy expensive shark's fin soup that is crazy good... see the WHOLE pieces of fin floating in the soup?

It might not look it, but that bowl (like your ordinary rice bowls la) is almost RM120 each. I know how some people is against shark's fin but really, I have to give that one bowl a try. It's superior sharks fin in shark bone soup. Yummy as hell and the fins are in strips... Like, ONE whole strip contains all that tiny bits of sharks fin in one HUGE bowl of soup you have in your Chinese ten course dinners. I had never had anything like that in my life! Damn sinful ok... We had almost a 20 course lunch that day. Pink went back to the office a happy girl that day.

I swear and pledge not to have sharks fin soup for my wedding dinner. I enough of sharks fin from that lunch to last me a whole lifetime!

More to update soon... Need to sleep before the sun rises!


Daniel Henry said...

omg you are so evil for ending the post with that delicous shark fin!
and you DIDN'T call me!!! i could have been the... assistant's assistant's assistant!!! T_T

Daniel Henry said...

... to make you blog.
i. have. tag. you.