Friday, April 25, 2008

Get set, GO!

Listening to: Eason Chan - Lonely Christmas
Feeling: Mundane

And so the work begins... Today was the first day I 'sent something to the queue'. Which basically means that I've put in work. Working is so different here at The Bintang. Like I've said, people are less chatty and more serious but Seems insisted that it's because I'm sitting on the wrong floor. Well, I'm just sitting in my little corner doing whatever I need to and leave by 6pm. I'm loving it.

I feel that there are many changes in my life. Not sure when it will start happening or when it will hit me but it is slowly starting. It is extremely scary when things are going so well. You can only wonder when the downside starting. Not to sound negative but it is a theory of Yin & Yang, without the shadow how can there be light? Well, strange thoughts at 3am. Better stop ranting now.

I am busy with many things now. Doing freelance for friends and trying to save up Andenough for Japan. Meanwhile I'm also trying to make some lifestyle changes like trying to stop myself from spending so much. Trying to pay off my credit cards, trying alot of other things. It's not easy with my credit bills, but well it's the first step...

And so while taking baby steps towards the 'real adult life', I will continue to stay strong and soldier on. I am blessed with good friends and luck. I will survive this big bad world!!!

That's all!


niC_Lo said...

Yes, Yi Hwa!!! You do that! You save up and pay those nasty bills! You will survive! You will perform exceptionally well in The Bintang! You, Skanky Lum, will prove them all wrong and make them eat the dust that you left behind your trailblazing ends. Nothing can stop you, Miss Lum! NOTHING!!!! THINK POSITIVE! YOU CAN DO ITTTT!!!
Love you muacks muacks!! =D

Pinkity said...

:D I love you too Nickyboy and I know you hate it when I call you that but its only because I love you I call you that...

I swear!