Friday, April 11, 2008

The start of The Bintang Chronicles

Listening to: Fish Leong - Chung Zai (I thinks)
Feeling: Like I've burnt a few bras

I don't know about you guys but starting a new job isn't exactly what I wanna do every two years or so... The hassle of getting used to a new system, trying to remember a few thousand new names is just too taxing for my brain. But then again, change is something everyone needs to go through so I'm gonna soldier on.

After 2 and a half years working in a magazine, the decision to head over to Bintang *doing a very different type of writing no less* made everyone look at me as though I was KLAZY. Few nasty and negative comments aside, I went on with it. I have Seems & WP to thank for knocking some sense into my head as I wanted to forgo Bintang for something else less challenging. WP whipped out her notepad and pen *a proper journalist should always keep one handy in purse* and started calculating the benefits and Seem's ultra destructive stare did it. I decided to give myself a go by doing Bintang. Trust me, I shat bricks amongst other things. It was a scary decision. It was intimidating but I told myself, what scares me usually will work out and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Damn positive right? hurhur

So fast forward to the last week at the office, the HW Girls (tm) gave me a farewell fit for a Queen. After all, I was the first one to make it out. *this is starting to sound like Prison Break season 8* I had a week-long celebration. I love them all and I knew from the moment I decided to leave I will miss them. I will miss The Office. The familiar faces, sounds and smell of The Office. My last day, well technically my official last day was on Thursday but I came back to finish my work and cleaned up my desk, was a blast. Again the gang took me to George and the Dragon in Bangsar Shopping Center and I passed out. For half an hour. How embarrassing. I.Fucking.Passed.Out.Ala.Bali. Floor open up and swallow me now. Never, ever gonna drink EVER AGAIN!!11!111!!!

I came back over the weekend to clean out my desk. As I separated old press releases to recycle I thought, how easy it was to just throw off 3 years of memories but to forget the experiences and people I've met it was almost just impossible. At the end of the clearing out (It took me two days!), my desk for almost 3 years was empty and bare. I couldn't recognise it lo!

I left the lubricant for Zoe. I'm sure she'll have better use for it then me

I looked back one last time and took this picture before leaving. So sad. I was glad to leave but sad that I have to leave everything else behind. I still meet HW Girls (tm) up for lunch. And it has only been two weeks since I left. And so many more things had happened since. Funny that now that I'm detached from the situation but still feel very much part of everything. Guess you can't just go and immediately forget about everything that had happened.

Had a week long 'holiday' before I started at Bintang. Was crazy busy with freelance that I hope will let me earn enough money for Japan. The week just flew by. Did everything I needed to do *except for washing my car* and met up with people I've not seen for yonks and braced myself for the dreaded first day.

Sunday came and still went out for drinks. I guess realization had yet to sink in. Slept pretty late and predictably, woke up a little late. Got a red packet from Mom for luck *my mom is so cute cause she observes all these traditions* and I sped off in top speed with just enough time to buy my daily coffee and managed to have a ciggie before I reach my new office. It's nearer than my previous office therefore finishing a ciggie before I enter the building is actually quite impossible unless I light up right after I leave my house.

As I took the lift up to the HR Dept. I thought how different it was to the old office. I actually have to take a LIFT up to my office as opposed to walking up the stairs back in the old days. Unfamiliar faces greet me. Then it set in that I have left comfort zone. This is as uncomfortable as it gets. I have to wait for almost 20 minutes for a briefing. A BRIEFING? Yes a briefing of whos who, rules and regulation. A little bit on Union laws (huh?), it took almost an hour. By the time my friendly HR guy took me to my office floor to meet my new boss, I was freaking out.

My eyes were glazed over from the lack of nicotine and caffeine. I guess I had the deer caught in headlights look cause my boss asked if I needed coffee... hah! We went for coffee and ciggies. Then went for lunch and totally got geeked out by this transponder thingy that we use to exit and enter the parking. Sure beats having to double park all the time.

I left the office at 5pm on my first day. Apparently it's the norm if you don't have work, you can go home. Wow.. I can live with that. 4 days passed in a blur. Things I found out in this short 4 days...

1. You can only smoke outside the building, where everyone who comes in gets a clear view who's gonna die soon from lung cancer. I only smoke during lunch and make it up by trying to jam as many sticks into my mouth. (KIDDING!)

2. Coming in at 10.30am is A-OH-KAY. Yippee. Just get your work done...

3. I get my own computer terminal (phew) and cannot do msn. I gtalk now

4. There are specific programmes for assignments, leave approvals, internal msging system and online archives. We even have a library...

5. People on my floor has the age average of 35. Maybe 40. But all really nice people.

6. I am a 'funky' dresser. Wait till they see the mag people.

7. Everyone wears slacks and shirts. Except for me.

8. I got a window seat. And a wonderful view of other windows. Groovy!

9. My desk is so small. Only half of my previous one. :(

10. My desktop plays music. But no one listens to music. And I played Spice Girls today really softly after playing 'The best of 1990s' for the past 3 days. Cannot tahan. Wait till I burn my Japanese pop. I think the sub that sits in front of me will cry.

All in all, culture shock for the first few days which was understandable. Now I have to try to adjust my sleeping time to a more normal timing. I am still sleeping at 4am. And waking up at 9.30 if I'm lucky. Eyebags are gonna sag lower than my boobs if I don't stop doing this.

It's 4 am now. I go sleep!

Bintang Chronicles TBC!!!


Amy said...

hey, ur new workplace doesn't sound bad to me... how i wish i could walk into office at 10.30am n hear no complaints! luckily ur boss smokes n caffeine-drinks too, haha...

i guess the oni thing I couldnt stand is NOT being allowed 2 chat on msn. i couldnt live wif tat.

good luck all the way in ur new job, babe!

Daniel Henry said...

well the desk is smaller cuz there's hardly much work?
*but seriously no more press kits etc, why need bigger desk...*

Daniel Henry said...

oh i only wonder when will part 2 appear... 1 month later if we are... lucky?

Pinkity said...

Woots PART 2 WILL BE HERE soon enough... Anyhoos, it will be soon.. =.= Have some faith

Amy - Boss social smokes.. OK la.. 10.30 is quite normal.. for the publishing industry.. wish I can work the noon shift. Not being able to chat on msn has its pros too.. more work gets done! Everything is going pretty well.. fingers crossed!

Drama - Please don't be a bitch.. Will blog soon! Anyhoos, I got my first press kit on my second day.. I see them coming...

4 Leaf Clover said...

its chong bai............................................

chong zai = little worm.