Thursday, June 12, 2008

I self-tag

Listening to: Jets - Look what you've done
Feeling: Lolichin

Because I tidak malu I have decided to
self-tag from ABC's blog about 8 totally random facts about myself.


se I thick-faced and am procrastinating YET again... And so here we go...

1. I have a
strange obsession on frogs

some unknown reasons, I've been buying green and frog dolls. Don't you think they are so damn cute in their own ways? Their big buggy eyes. That silly smile on their face. But not the real thing la... The doll ones are so darn cute! Maybe hor, it's because I hope that one day I kiss one of my froggies they will turn into a prince. Hahaha

2. I don't think Brad Pitt i
s hot

I know
some people will shoot me for this one but really, what's so hot about damn Brad Pitt? Apart that his wife is white smoking hawtness, he's just, well, Brad Pitt... Now, Tomoya Nagase is hotness. Guess beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

3. I heart LAVENDER

My favourite bath gel of all time i
s Palmolive's Aromatherapy in purple. Hearts! I will shower twenty times a day if work permits because I just adore the smell of lavender you get the moment you step out of the shower. Heart heart heart

4. I love reading crime
stories, especially if they have tons of graphic description of the murder

Call me
sick but I really enjoy shit like that. My favourite past time if I have nothing to do in the office is logging on to Or if there's something gross/gory reported in the papers, I HAVE to google it for more information.

5. I can't live without gadget
s, Wikipedia, the internet and my car

I NEED to go out everyday even if it'
s for a short drive. I have to touch my laptop & PsP before I sleep, if not I cannot sleep. I wiki anything that I don't understand and continue reading all the other links linked to that article. A short search might set me back an hour or two reading things I didn't really need to know (aka, Useless Information). I get scared when my cell has no signal or is about to run out of battery.

6. I wanna buy my own hou

And do whatever I want, like, run around the hou
se naked! OK, sorry, TMI...

7. I own too much acce

I u
sed to buy tons and wear them too. Now, it's collecting dust and I think I have only worn a quarter of it. And if I change them everyday, I might be able to wear a new set everyday for a month without repeating them.

8. I own too little clothe

I can only get through a week without repeating them. I
suck. I should buy more clothes but plus size clothing sucks. Ugh!

so this 'random' facts thing wasn't too random after all but I'm just totally procrastinating. Back to work now!


xiao-ahmei said...

Haha.... thought of tagging you liao from my blog.

Pinkity said...

Hahah.. too late, I did it first!!! Hahaha..

Baby Smooches said...

You're the 2nd person I know who likes frogs!
come to think of it, with so many accessories, I think they're enough to be your clothes.. so, no need to get some more clothes :P