Sunday, June 08, 2008

"I'm half awake now"

Listening to: Loveholic - 처음 느낌 그대로
Feeling: Tired

Just got back from Angie's place after an afternoon of good food, 80's music, gin rummy and great company. I won something for the first time after paying tuition fees for the last few gatherings.

Because this idiot typing this only slept at about 6.30am the night before (after a 'OMG-I-THINK-I-DROPPED-MY-PHONE' scare at 6.15am on a rainy morning) I am feeling bloody tired now. It's at 8.20pm now and I know if I sleep now, I'll probably wake up a few hours later only to not get any sleep at all after that.

And so a quick update on the past week. It was a busy week as I planned (and hosted) Cin's baby shower, I was also chasing to get my car, go for an interview, plan Nini's bday dinner and in between everything else still work on my freelance work.

Got tired of Full Metal Alchemist clogging up my laptop's memory space, (it was too good to delete... I still wanna watch it sometime soon) I bought myself a 160G external hard disk and a super cute pink Logitech optical mouse. As I do more and more freelance work, I think it's important to get invest a little on it. Well... the colour was super pretty too so I guess it was justified. Am mighty pleased with new toys and am now thinking of getting a new laptop on the company laptop scheme for more writing to be done.

To be very honest, I am starting to enjoy writing much more than before because I feel a much more appreciated and monetarily satisfied. No more worries about lasting through the month with that minimal amount of cash we get for hard work. No more worrying about what people think about your work. No more worries when I walk in at 10.30am-11am. I finish work and go home now. It feels damn good actually.

I'm going to bed now.. it's disgusting because its only 8.40pm now. But this old body won't allow me to stay awake anymore.

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