Monday, February 02, 2009


Just for the sake of updating...

1. I prefer soft pastel pink to just pink.

2. I will drive the extra mile to get to Burger King.

3. My obsession with manga started off with Dragon Ball but somehow I am not too excited to watch the movie version of it.

4. I don't like watching TV.

5. I have a few books waiting to be written.

6. I wish I am connected to the internet 24/7.

7. I wish I have every gadget in the world in my pocket ala Doraemon.

8. Diamonds make me go a little weak in the knees.

9. Pumpkin rawks!

10. I wish to buy a house for my own and convert one of the rooms into a library (with floor length bookshelves please) filled with manga on one side and books on the other. Another room will be turned into a pink shrine.

11. My biological clock is ticking. Just so you know....

12. I love cooking without the veggie peeling and prep work. And I think I can be a pretty darn good cook.

13. I am Japanese in my past live.

14. I don't wake up until after 2pm.

15. I love playing mahjong and can go on and on like a freaking Energizer bunny.

16. I love my family and wish we can be a little more abnormal (like the Addams family or something)

17. I believe in all Chinese hocus pocus.

18. I am low maintenance.I don't eat seafood and buy expensive clothes. I just want to travel the world.

19. I have so much junk in my room I probably need a month to clear it up.

20. I get annoyed when people are repetitive.

21. My dream house has pink walls and an island kitchen with an in-built oven. And (read no.10)

22. I smoke too much for my own good.

23. I only own 6 pairs of shoes. 2 pairs of sneakers, 3 pairs of highheels and 1 pair of flats. Out of the 6, I only wear the flats. EVERY SINGLE DAY! And out of the 6, I only bought 2 of them.

24. I am taking Japanese language class to prepare myself for my homecoming to Japan, where I am SUPPOSED to be born in.

25. I wish I can go on a holiday with my whole family.

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