Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My December

Listening to: Princess Mononoke soundtrack
Feeling: Is there anything to look forward to anymore?

Dear all,

It's been a long time since I last blogged and boy had it been a crazy one. I think nothing can describe 'crazy' apart from the word shit. This must be as bad as it can get.

First off a friend of mine jumped and died. From what god knows...

Then my grandma's condition worsened. Then two months down the road, she went peacefully in her sleep. Well, at the very least she went in her sleep peacefully.

Then my favourite grand aunty went too.

All this within two months.

Wait, it gets better.

Problems with money, bills, dad and extended family.

Money earned from extra work goes straight somewhere else. I can just forget Japan NOW.

I wonder somehow now if there is a god. And if there is, what did we do to deserve this? I question my very existence.

If this continues, is there even a reason to live anymore? There is nothing to look forward to, nothing to celebrate.

I just feel so damn tired. I hate this part right here...

And I hope the only way is up from now onwards...


shervoux said...

what happened?? where's the extra money going to? ok tomorrow i go buy lottery if win i give u some. wish for me~~~~!

* Dream Weaver * said...