Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boobs on girls, according to a car enthusiast

OK, so it started off as a blah day right? But since boss ain't around I was chatting on MSN with Adhi... It's a WTF moment. Read on...

Adhi says:
u know a car?

Adhi says:
if u treat a car like a girl..

Adhi says:
there is a certain size for the that will fit the car...

Adhi says:
(if u treat a car like a girl)

Adhi says:
the rims are like boobies

Adhi says:
too big the rims no good..

Adhi says:
too small the rims look puny

Adhi says:
too big reduce performance

Adhi says:
to small reduce the looks

p-chan ::move along move along like we used to do:: says:

OMG... I still can't get over it...



ms3h0n said...

trust adhi to come up with things like that. LOL

just like the time when DomeMike said, "naked girls are like white chicken hanging on the chicken rice stall's front" LMFAO

Pinkity said...

Please dudes... so damn funny... I was like trying to hold on to my giggles man.. it was so fucking fucking funny!