Friday, May 05, 2006

A feel good thing

Listening to: Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful disaster
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Thursday was one of those glorious days when time just flies and everything goes right. First, faxed and emailed a ton of people regarding loans I have to do tomorrow and got all of them to come in for my spread. *relieved smile* Then realized that I had featured 4 mom blogs in my May issue so decided to check them out to see if they saw the feature (ok, correction. It was just a review =.= but I fought for it when Boss kinda rejected the idea)

Turns out that 3 of the sites got wind of the feature and bought the magazine and 2 of them seemed pretty happy with it. Only problem with the third mommy was that I absentmindedly *read: idiotically, never check... stupid* put her occupation as a 'full time housewife' when in actual fact she's a full time working mom. Dude... I would have been pissed as well if someone got the facts wrong for a review. For that I apologize again. =.= Gomen!

But you know what? Seeing their reactions towards the article made me feel so god damned proud of what I do. It's one of those things... like suddenly, I feel that all the late nights and hard work carrying bags and bags of clothes turn into a working pleasure. Is that what Seems call 'taking pride in your work? It's just little things like that that would make your day whole. :) And it did, I feel so cheap sometimes. LOL. Thanks for the support, moms *if you're reading this*

Check them out ...

Ashley's mom
Mama to 2 Beas *kawaii!*
Baby Smooches and baby Brendan
All about Zara *When I first logged in I thought it was the fashion brand. That's how I found this blog* P/S: Congrats to Zara's momma!! She's going pregs again!

Post thought: Looking at these blogs made me wanna have babies!!!

Left the office at 6.50 sharp *it's a miracle!!!* and drove like a mad woman to One Utama for a movie. It was pretty good. Better than what I've expected though I still cannot register the fact that Calista Flockhart is no longer a wacky lawyer. If you're bored and have nothing else to watch, this is a good choice. Really can't wait till DaVinci Code opens, that's like the highlight of the summer blockbusters. *really wanna watch Heaven's Bookshop as well.. It's japanese and sappy and it seems like a nice one to watch. Any takers?*

Should try sleeping now. Meeting's at 9am tomorrow and then a full day of loaning for me. Who needs the gym when you're working in a magazine?


Baby Smooches said...

wah.... 2nd mention. this time must bring u to yam cha....

Psst... you missed out on baby Eryn as well. I'm a mother of 2!!

Pinkity said...

Aights... I knew there were two babies but I couldn't locate baby no.2's name... Hahaha... another lame excuse!

Anywayz, yamcha place of choice is Starbucks! Thanks!!! :p JkJK

mom2ashley said...

no worries pinkity....;)