Sunday, December 16, 2007


Listening to: The hum of the a/c
Feeling: Tired

What a week! I feel like I had done more in this one whole week than I had in a month... I had back to back shoots and a VIE (very important event) to attend right after.

I'm not gonna even bitch about it... Anyways, this is obviously a filler post. I am looking forward to my holidays but I just wish I can get my pay sooner. Am so broke and I have to buy Xmas pressies. Ugh...

Planning to buy my pink PsP after talking about it for the longest time to reward myself for making it through another year. Yay!

Will update soon!


xiao-ahmei said...

Pink PsP?!! Wahhh..
I also wan...for my Xmas pressie?

Amy said...

u actually can afford a PSP when u get ur pay???!!! u r so fucking rich, bitch!!! ***envious***

Pinkity said...

Amy - OMG~ A pink psp is only about 700bucks.. can afford ler with my meager savings!!!

Ah Mei a... You shall receive a drawing of a pink psp for your xmas present cause that's all I can afford to give anyone now... hahaha xoxo!!!