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Finally! Bali!

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Ah, finally I have gotten down to it! Gotten down to writing about Bali...

stop bitching drama... Work is crazy you know!!!!!

OK, back to matter at hand... Bali.

So our company trip was to Bali. Yes, yippee... Bali. After previous trips to Club Med Cherating (which I love love love!) and Langkawi (which was kinda dull) we got clearance for Bali...

And what joy that the Mag World girls had got to do it... After a whole load of begging, stress, hair pulling and all that jazz, it was finally the big day. The organizers had to go chill out check out the location before the rest of the company arrived so yours truly and a couple of others were in Bali one day before the rest got there.

Touchdown on Denpasar airport

Can you believe that even their airport looks like a beautiful temple? I couldn't resist but to snap like a Japanese tourist!!!

It was unbelievable this place... I immediately understood how people fall in love with this amazing place. It's quiet but still quite the haps. People are nice and friendly. They wear sarongs! And girls wear flowers in their hair without even thinking twice! I wanna do that!

We arrived at the hotel, Wina Holiday Villa in Kuta at about 3.30pm and the place is just absolutely beautiful. It's kinda old yes, but the rustic charm was just amazing! You see shrines and trees just about everywhere!! Beautiful!

Wina Holiday Villa
It's here there and everywhere!

The pretty poolside! Ignore the man rubbing his tummy please *Photo by SarahN*

Our official business took a grand total of half an hour to finish and we were free to go wherever!!! It was almost 5pm by that time so Losh, one of my colleagues took us to Kudeta while making a huge fuss about how we have to get there before sunset.

The Kudeta. Kuta, Denpasar and Tasomething was the inspiration

We arrived just before (sun sets in Bali at about 5.45pm?) and after some security checks (apparently Kudeta had been bombed in the past) I finally understood why Losh made such a huge fuss about getting there on time...

Beautiful people chilling and waiting for the sunset

SunSet in Kudeta
Sunsets on Kudeta

I truly, deeply, madly love this place!! It's so expensive and touristsy but I still love it long time!

I got utterly sloshed that day... I couldn't remember what happened... Hahahaha This shows with age, you can't NOT sleep for 48 hours, travel, NOT eat and drink double vodkas.

I've learnt my lesson and my colleagues will never let me forget about that nasty incident...

The next day when everyone else arrived, me and SarahN went shopping!!!

New arrivals all decked out in pretty leis *Photo by SarahN*

Not before we took a picture of the money we had...

Million Hair for a day

Walked around the street down the hotel and bought some stuff. People are just so friendly. If there is ONE advice I could give you, I would say, BARGAIN LIKE A BITCH! Things there are so cheap and you can bargain and bargain and bargain... Really, don't get upset if someone else for that same dress for 200 rupees less... It's just 60cents more!

Every picture
Every picture was postcard perfect because the subject was so beautiful!

behind closed doors
Behind every closed door was an amazing treasure waiting to be discovered

Guardian of the door

And that night during dinner, we had loads of fun playing some ice breaking games and of course dinner! We were also treated to the kecak dance. Took more pictures!

The dinner area *Photo by SarahN*

Me and SarahN *Photo by SarahN*

Then the day after that we woke up pretty late and went walking down the road for a spot of...


But not before we stopped for more pictures!

Cheesey!!! *Photo by SarahN*

Nic in starfucks bali
SarahN loving it!

Really, I cannot resist Starfucks anywhere! Plus, it's cheaper in Bali and they have these fantastic gourmet sandwiches for a steal. Ohhh I wanna live here forever!!!

Filled to the brim with coffee and sandwiches, we decided to walk along the Kuta beach. Checking out the scene, ya know what I mean?

Of course we had to take some pictures also!!! We're almost Japanese!

starfucks in bali
Starfucks was here!

take my photo!
SarahN taking a picture of me taking picture of her

And on the other side *Photo by SarahN*

nicgold with stomachache
Why? Stomachache?

local kids
Kids playing!

Water rush
Black sand beach! Volcano bits... something like that

Hawt surfer dudes who were probably gay

Cute doggie on the beach! *Photo by SarahN*

Seems and Elaine went off for some relaxing spa session and we thought we'd do spa in Ubut but since we were craving for some massage... We decided to get it done on the beach.

Bad choice... We were swarmed with locals who wanted to:-

Braid our hair
Paint our nails
Massage our shoulders
Exfoliate our feet (huh?)
Sell us some phone hangies to support their 60 children at home
Scratch our ass (kidding!)

Maam, you want scratch your back? Only twenty thousand! scratch you long time!

Oh man... it was crazy! But at the end of the day, it was quite an experience.

Smoozing with the boss!

Kuta was an experience I tell you...

The only thing that I really truly enjoyed the company, the shopping and of course that wonderful brunch we had in a backlane store in Kuta...

best breakkie!
Best breakfast I had in days!

Celebrating a good breakfast with a beautiful picture!

We left for Tanah Lot then Ubut soon after but not before another trip to Kudeta in Seminyak for a leisurely afternoon drink...

In it's full glory in broad daylight

me and seems
Me and Seems doing our thang!

Just chilling
Just chilling in the sun

Kudeta sun
The reason why people hang out in Kudeta...

After our fill of beer (and a strawberry smoothie for me!) we hopped into the van and headed towards Tanah Lot.

This way to tanah lot
This way please!

You have to pay to get into Tanah Lot... It's about RM10 but I swear it's worth every cent! For those who have no appreciation towards nature can shop too!

crochety old ladies
Crochety old ladies

something from middle earth

Middle earth like... Almost surreal

Made of dreams

I got blessed
Got blessed

best shot
Favourite shot

The way the waves rushes out from the sea to the lava shore was really like something out from a movie... It was too beautiful it was almost fake.

We eventually went up to the top of the hill on the opposite side for the sunset but bummer it was cloudy that day, so we didn't get to catch it at all.

But there's always cam-whoring to be done...

me camwhoring

Anyplace, anytime!!!

And off we went to Ubut!

It was an hour drive to Ubut and the road was bumpy. I need a smoke bad, there was no a/c and I was hungry as hell. Bad combo. Zoe needed to go to the loo bad and the bumpy road didn't help.

We got to the Sehati Homestay (RM90 a night plus breakkie! Best ever!!) in due time and after all businesses had been settled, we went over to the recommended Bebek Bengil for dinner.

We understood why it was recommended the moment we walked past the reception area.

There were little cabanas over the paddy fields that were lit with oil lamps. It was unbelievably beautiful! How can a small restaurant open up to such a spacious interior? Unfortunately there were no more cabanas for us so we had to settle for the upstairs tables. It was still a beautiful experience nevertheless...

For a fantastic meal of duck, salad, pork ribs and drinks, we paid about only RM30 each (there were 7 of us) and we had fine dining-like food. How fantastic was that? OHHHH Loving Ubut more by the minute!

Our tired troupe made our way back to our rooms and woke up fresh like daisies the next day only in time for more


Also on our main agenda was to have lunch in the legendary Ibu Oka who serves the famous Babi Guling. Anyone who is here in Bali HAVE to have the Babi Guling... YUM!

And so the happy campers left after a hearty breakfast served by the lovely people at the homestay.

A picture before going out is a must!

Our home for another 2 days
Our home in Ubut

sehati homestay
Our very own little spa!

Ubut is a pretty quiet town. It's kinda like the art central of Bali and I totally love it! No hustle and bustle of Kuta!

Ubut street

sprawling paddy fields, crouching Marcus
Sprawling paddy fields, Crouching Marcus

Walking the whole of Ubut on a hot hot day is not easy but the promise of good food at the end of it makes it much easier on the toes! After a long long walk, there it was... Ibu Oka's Babi Guling store!!!

Ibu Oka porkalicious
Babi Guling with COLD Coke is perfect for a hot how day!

This small and simple warung is deceiving as nearly everyone is raving about it. Babi guling is basically roast pork, deep fried intestines and some fried vege on the side with rice. I thought it tasted like chicken rice, but better. I swear... what would I give to have some now?

The perfect ending to the perfect lunch

We continued on our journey in Ubut with a happy stomach and aching feet. Next on the agenda was a spa session that we had booked earlier. Me, Seems and SarahN decided we had enough shopping and headed right for the spa.

For only RM100 we had a 3 hour session. Beat that!!! It was so good! I wanna go back NOW!! :(

We left the next day... Writing about it made me feel like booking the next ticket to Bali! Will be back there again maybe next year. Will climb the Kintamani mountain then!

Till then...

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