Sunday, December 23, 2007

Update v1.o

Listening to: Random Christmas carols
Feeling: Like I'm on leave!!!

It has been a crazy month of cupcakes and headaches I tell you... But FINALLY I'm getting my well deserved (or so I think) break... Handed in the last of my pending work yesterday and when I woke up today it was Just Heavenly.. hehehe

First of the many cupcakes...

Now that I have 10 days worth of holidays I will catch up on my blogging I hope...

First up... some cam-whoring pictures of us after my cupcakes shoot....

Good to look at, but mine still taste better!


Butterfly hiding behind flowers!!!

Now if you can spot the cam-whores

Another one with an added member

One of my favourite people in the office, Kew....!

We had this advertisers appreciation night... Quite fun but look at the work done behind the scenes... Decor was put up by Team HW! Had to help out... but it was all love!

Feels like Cinderella's dress is not as happening as we thought it would be

Zoey-poo camwhoring at the back of my car on the way to Heritage Mansion

Then while picking up cupcakes from Cuppacakes one day... I had this urge to go check out my old house. Drama, remember those days when we ran wild and free on this field? It used to look so big and now it's looking kinda bald... why???

This used to be my playground...

The trees are balding... A sure sign to say that I'm getting older too!

And while I'm at it I decided to visit my primary school too.. It's so weird that back then it seemed so far away from my house to the school.. it's like a 5 minute walk. Well, short legs and all...

Primary school bus waiting area

We didn't have this back then... Kids nowadays...

Brought back many bittersweet memories.. It's so weird that the school compound seemed so much bigger when I was 10.

In other news... I was invited to my first ever kiddy party... My boss's kid is so damn cute!!! Didn't manage to take a picture of the birthday girl because she couldn't sit still for 0.005 seconds...

The cutest bumblebee ever!

That's all for today... more to come hopefully... starfuck's connection sucks today and I keep getting disconnected... Thinking of doing a movie marathon soon! Weeee~


daniel henry said...

they just trimmed the trees la. it's not botak. but the field does look... boring now.
last time, we loved it especially after the rain. LOLs.

Amy said...

how long in advance did u pre-order the cuppacakes? I tried ordering but her schedule were full... T_T

Daniel Henry said...

if this was called a more frequent update... i don't want to know the lazy update...