Monday, October 04, 2004

Winter Sonata Marathon

Mission - To finish Winter Sonata in 2 days (over the weekend)

Episodes to Finish - 15
Start time/date - 03 Oct 2004, 12.30am
Finish time/date - 04 Oct 2004 3.00am (estimated)
Total time - 26hours (should be 15++ hours cuz 1 episode is like 1 hour)

Amount of Food consumed - 2 packets of Instant Noodles, 1 pack of chips, 3 litres of water and 1 can of coffee
Amount of Cigs to help me stay awake - Half a pack

Tissues used - 1 pack
Amount of tears Cried - About (give/take) 2 bucket full
Hours of Sleep - (give/take) 5 Hours

fuh~ *wipes sweat* Am about to finish Winter Sonata here.. Will be continuing once I finish writing this blog on what I think about this show. Damn.. I was so determined to finish it before this weeked is over because I do not want to let my mind wander during working hours, thinking what will happen next.

So, Winter Sonata you might wonder, it was shown on national TV a year or two back, why the Winter fever now? hmmm.. I dunno hahehae but I was always a non-conformist. Plus, why watch it day by day when you can watch everything at one go? hahah That's what I think. Big thanks to Tania for her boxset =_=; I would cry if I would need to wait and watch it episode by episode.

Well, watching this show makes me think of only one thing... if true love would be so hard to obtain, I might just consider a future alone. Seriously. Yeah, I know it's dramatised in the series and all, but then to come to think of it, love does work that way. In a sick, twisted sort of way. When you think that love is working fine for you and all, it just sort of shits on you.

Makes me wonder, why would someone hurt another person in the name of love? (or God for that matter)

I have wondered as well, how would you know that you are in love with someone and how sure are you? I have once said, 'I go to sleep and I think of him, I wake up, I think of him, wondering if he is awake. When I am having my lunch, I wonder, if he is having his as well. I think about him when I see something he would have liked. And when I think of him, I smile.' Is that love?

For the uninitiated, I would have sounded like a stalker =_=; But, oh well, I am not. I just feel a lot for this certain someone.

In dramas like these, all will end well, people do not need to work. People in love eat in expensive restaurants that are obviously too expensive to eat in on a daily basis with the pay that they are getting. They fight and make up on the same day, they drive to scenic places during working hours and after hours of work, they still looked like they have just came out from the showers. (read, beautifully done hair and non stained clothes) They always have suitable type of music in the restaurant that they have dinner in. (When it is a sad conversation, the piped music will suddenly be a sad song like 'Without You' or something)

I would have to confess that after watching the whole set of Winter Sonata, I suddenly wondered that if there is perfect love like that. Is there perfect love like that? Are there people who would be willing to sacrifice so much for love? Everything is a question here. And I do not expect it to be answered....

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