Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why are we waiting?

Me & Speed Dial No.6 were chatting today, and the subject on 'waiting' came about. Should we wait or should we not wait? Well, waiting as in waiting for our other half... And, also in the same time, is he/she worth the wait?

He came up with the theory saying that waiting wastes time. After all, we only have that many years in our life to waste. I kind of agree, but then again there are cases where the wait will test your relationship and if it pulls tru, this relationship would last.

In my honest opinion, waiting or not, it's a personal choice because in the end, if you look back and think that the wait was worth your while, that is all that matters. But if this is a blind wait (i.e. still pining for your crappy ex and/or loving that guy you know in high school but he doesn't even know of your existance) do not, after like 5 years, blame the other person for your time wasted.I think it all boils down to yourself when you have made that decision to wait. No one held a knife to your throat and said 'WAIT!!'

Me myself and I, I do not mind waiting. Doesn't matter if I've spent a few years of my life waiting. For now I think waiting for that one moment is definately worth the time spent. It's my choice. Doesn't matter that nothing happens.

It really doesn't matter at all, for I know that nothing will ever happen...

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