Friday, September 10, 2004


Had a long conversation with Sarah on this thing called 'Love'. She was telling me about some love stories that she had seen. One that really touched me was Lavender ....

Lavender's a story about this girl, whose fiance died. So she is like so heartbroken and for two whole years, she keeps thinking about him. She will do the same thing day in day out, like, after work, she would buy an orange helium ballon and walk back to her house. And she would eat the same thing, after tht, write a wish (for her dead fiance) on the ballon and let it off to float into the sky.

Basically she does the same thing over and over and over again.. till one day, something happened to break her mundane life.

To cut a darn long story short, she realises in the end that because of her clinging to her dead fiance, she had missed out on many opportunities on love and life. All because of her routine, she had missed chances of meeting this other guy.

At this point.. me and Sarah just stared into space and jst nodded knowingly. Sarah = 6 years. Miss Pink - 4 years and counting (Bakabakabaka!!!)

Quite funny, how this thing called love can happen to you. It's true what they say, that love is a sneaky thing.. It will just drop by when it feels like it. And this is usually when you least expect it. Usually when you wish and wish for it, it will not come. But when you just leave it alone... It jumps right you.

Oh love... What is love? Can it be seen? Can it be touched? Can love be predicted? Could we decieve love? Would it be pure? How does love feel like?

Oh love, pay us a visit.... I would like to get to know you....

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Jin said...

If you do get to see love. Pls get him or her to drop