Monday, September 27, 2004

Can't sleep, there are no dreams

I can't sleep... There are no dreams..

Only dreams I get are empty ones.. Well..empty ones are the kind you know you've dreamt of repeatively but you can't remember them at all.. Now that is the scary part... Dreams I thought I had but can't remember.

Song playing in my head right now is Mariah Carey's Breakdown. And darnit.. that Winter Sonata song.. whatssit called? Think it's.. 'From the beginning till now' or something.. (literally translated from Mandarin tho..)Sigh... the Breakdown song, I so can relate to now... Well.. can say from 3 years back.

'So what you do when, somebody you're so devoted to, suddenly just stops loving you, and it seems like they havent got a clue, of the pain and rejection is putting you tru...'

hahha I'm so drama. But what the hell.. Life's more fun with more drama.

Sigh.I feel like I am in a rut. And I cant get out. No one is here to help me. (not literally... not that my friends don't help me out. No one except myself can help myself out I think..) I definately need to let go of some things of the past. If not I won't go forward... T-T

Back to my empty dreams.......

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