Sunday, September 12, 2004

| am still awake~

It is 5.44am and I am still awake.. T-T Got back not too long ago from sis's orchestra performance in Kajang.

Was darn nice... Sigh.. Wanna go for another one.. =_=; maybe just not in Kajang.

Had yamcha with Sarah after the performance, cuz Gem wanted to go home to sleep. In the end, both of us stayed till bout 3am. Sarah's mum had to call.. hahaha So.. went home and maybe I had too much caffeine (AGAIN) and am still perky till now... T-T

Who can help me? =_=;

Had my brows plucked today... Right after I had my specs on to look at the damage.. I saw a 'surprised' me. Hahah This was cause she plucked it too high up.. but after a while.. I kinda got used to it.. so no harm done. ahehae

yawn.. maybe it is time to sleep already... 6am T-T

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