Saturday, September 11, 2004

Just a short one

Me is bored.

Me wishes that me is working.
Me wishes that me is NOT working.
Me wishes that me knows what to do next.
Me wishes that me wishes that me has all the riches in the world so that me can buy all items me wants to buy.
Me wishes me have more cash so me can spend friends out for a drink in Coffee Bean or alternatively TGIF for the smoking section is inside, with air conditioning.
Me wishes me find and marry an old man that is about to die and has nothing much to do with his money or life.
Me wishes that things that happen for a reason tells me what the reason is first before it happens to me so that I would know what to expect. =_=;

Me wishes everyone to be happy in the end and everyone to have all their dreams and wishes fulfilled.

Me is gonna take a nap now.. *and maybe a ciggie first*

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